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How the Bullet Journal Can Make You a More Productive Student

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Bullet journaling is a sure way to kick your organization up a notch. Bulleting brings awareness, clarity, and order to your entire year, and since the trend began it seriously changed the way people portion up and track their time. Bulleting journaling was designed to keep your everyday life in check, but it’s actually an amazing method for making your studies more productive. Here’s how bullet journaling can transform your productivity levels whilst you’re studying:

The bullet journal method

Bullet journaling is all about adopting the discipline and sticking to it, the more you journal, the easier and more organized your process will become.

First things first, the index. This is where you can record down the entire contents of your journal, numbering the pages so that you can flip through and find exactly what you’re looking for, easily. When starting your bullet journal, its best to only note core sections down in your index, to begin with, you can flesh it out once you’ve made a few entries and you’re sure about the system that you’re using.

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Next, create a class schedule. This should span over a year and can be followed by your yearly log, which is a rough mapping of what the year in front of you looks like. This will be built out as time goes by.

Following the yearly log is your monthly log, which can be a little more in-depth with details about due dates, holidays and exams.

After your monthly tracker, you can have space for a few fun sections, such as an academic goals mind map or a dream journal for your future! Leave as much space for this as you like, and then get started on your daily logs. This is where you’ll make your notes, mark events and plan what you need to do each and every day.

How it can help your studies 

The note-taking method for a bullet journal is called rapid logging, which helps you to write your notes faster. Your language should always be brief and exactly to the point, with tasks masked with a dot point, events with an open circle and notes with a dash. You can emphasize the importance of a note, task or event with an Asterix or you can mark something as a source of inspiration with an exclamation mark. Any task that has sub-steps to it can be marked with a bullet that’s indented. When you’ve completed a task, simply cross it out with a clean line.

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Bullet journals are amazing for organizing all areas of your life, especially your studies. Ideally, you won’t be doing your bulk class notes in here, your journal should be for tracking what you need to get done and what your academic year ahead looks like. The bullet method needs constant upkeep, but by taking 10 minutes to journal every day, you’ll rev up your productivity levels. Here are just a few of the reasons to bullet journal when you’re studying:

You’ll take notes faster
You’ll stay organized short and long term
You can track your tasks 12 months ahead

By now, you should feel seriously inspired to get bulleting! If the promise of higher productivity and organizational tranquillity isn’t enough, hop on your newsfeed and get some visual inspiration, what people do with their bullet journals is amazing. Aside from the promise of a more effective studying process, simply sitting down and taking the time to put pen to paper is going to introduce a little mindfulness and awareness into your everyday life, which is always a plus. Bullet journals are the future of the organisation, find your perfect notebook on Milligram and get started today!