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7 Best Led Video Lights 2024 – Buying Guide

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Every photographer knows that it is necessary to have a set of LED lights. Since lighting is the key to a good photo, you need to find the right lighting kit that perfectly suits your needs. Whether you’re shooting indoors or outdoors, the right lighting will significantly change the look of your photo.

It is an opportunity to raise your project to a higher level or to spoil it in case of poor lighting selection. To avoid a bad experience, read some of our suggestions for best led lights for video.


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It is a category of led lights that gives natural, strong light. This creates a very strong light that at the same time gives the photo a natural look. That way, you will get a perfectly pleasant environment at every opportunity. This model is mainly used by filmmakers during production.

This series contains two COB LEDs that differ in color temperature. It also features a unique portable power supply and a compact design. We believe that you will be very satisfied with its design. COLBOR offers led video light that works in different situations while on-the-move shooting or recording and even they use COLBOR CL100-M so it is really good.

2. LED Illuminator Falcon Eyes LG 500 B

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The light panel contains an adjustable color temperature, as well as a built-in V-mount connector. We must note that it contributes to low energy consumption. You will get a great light output, as well as an enviable radiation surface. Adjusting the color temperature and lighting is very simple, and thanks to the great design, you will get even lighting of the object.

You can work independently with a V-pack battery or with a power adapter. Cooling is convective, and the materials used in the production are anodized aluminum and painted black powder paint. Thanks to the metal construction, the reflector shutters limit the light flux and contribute to the correction of the dispersion angle.

3. GVM 2 Pack LED Video Light

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This led video light kit is designed for various videos, photos, commercials, photography and more since it is portable led video light. Best of all, the dashboard is adjustable while light is distributed through the soft dashboard. It is very useful for videos and portrait photography. It is a durable shell made of aluminum alloy for aviation.

It is not very heavy, and it contains a non-slip design which makes it stable. It also contains an adjustable bracket that can be placed on a light stand or somewhere else.

LED bulbs are quite high quality. One interesting fact is that this model of LED video light comes complete with various accessories such as two adapters, two bar doors, a bag, etc.


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If you want to illuminate your subjects appropriately, use a thin VL-200T LED light even though it is not rgb led video light. The two-tone LED light displays colors very accurately, there is the possibility of adjusting the color temperature and offers you maximum brightness. We must also mention the wireless RF remote control system. In addition, you can take advantage of other settings that will allow you to take quality photos or other content.

The battery is quite appreciative of maintenance, and is also powered via a DC adapter that is part of the equipment. It will last for about three hours in full light, but you will see the battery status on the screen at any time. Battery powered led video lights are quite handy. The screen also displays the percentage of brightness as well as the color temperature. In addition, it is possible to control the device via a remote control with many options.

5. Emart LED Video Light

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With the Emart LED video light you also get USB, a few additional color filters and it is very convenient. It is a great option for situations that require close-up photography, as well as for table photography. With this model of LED lights you get a set with several accessories. Although the lights are not so strong that they will illuminate the whole room, you will achieve a much better effect if you take close-up photos.

Therefore, it is often used for photographing and shooting portraits. If you want to add a little color to your shots, simply use the color filters offered with which you can realize many creative ideas. One of the biggest advantages is the ball head, which allows you to direct the light at any angle. You can also plug the lights into any wall charger or portable battery, as they are powered via USB.

6. Neewer Dimmable 176 LED Video Light

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This model is known for its versatility coming from its wide compatibility. You can connect LED video light to various DSLR cameras, camcorders and lights. Expect only great content. It is very light, but also durable. The device contains LED bulbs that save a lot of energy. You will use them for a long time, which means that you do not have to carry the battery with you. This is an opportunity to focus exclusively on your project, because you will not have to worry about battery supplies. The light is also quite flexible, because it can be easily installed on the stand and adjusted to different angles. That way, you will really realize what you wanted. We must not forget the color filters that allow you a creative approach. The color temperature is variable.


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Introducing one of the most powerful LED video lights. Their lighting is so strong that you can illuminate the whole room. In addition, the device is very light or easy to operate. The price is extremely affordable, and is included directly in the sockets. That way you won’t need batteries or charging. You get two filters with the device. This is a great option for those who frequently change shooting locations. The lights are completely safe to use, but that doesn’t mean that you should expose your face to such strong lighting for hours.


As you can see for yourself, a large selection of light kits awaits you on the market.

Thanks to that, you can find complete ones that suit all types of budgets and situations.

Regardless of the shooting conditions, these lights will contribute to a better look of your photos.