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Air Conditioning not Working in your Car – Learn 3 Common AC Problems in 2024

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There are few feelings as pleasant as the wind in your hair on a warm summer’s day as you cruise down the highway. Of course, as nice as this is you’re going to encounter a serious amount of road noise and knots in your hair.

In short, you’re going to need to wind those windows up, which is when you’ll appreciate your air conditioning. It’s only when the weather starts to warm that you notice it’s not working properly. The good news is that you don’t need to put up with poor air conditioning or a warm stuffy car.

There are several things you can look at yourself, this may help you to fix the issue and save the cost of a trip to the garage. Of course, the air conditioning system is pressurized and contains refrigerant, which means safety comes first when looking at issues.

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Let’s take a look at the most common Issues:

1. Air is Cool,  Not Cold

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This s frustrating, the fans are clearly working properly as you can set them to blow at max while the temperature is as low as it goes.

2. Blowing Hot Air Only

You know you can’t leave animals in a car on a hot day because it will kill them. In fact, just 30 minutes of sunshine in 70°F heat can equate to a temperature of 104° inside the car. An hour, and it will be 113°.

That’s enough to start dehydrating you and it gets a lot worse as the temperature gets hotter outside. In short, if you’re planning to use your car in the summer and don’t have working AC, you’re risking your life.

3. Simply Doesn’t Work

When you turn the air conditioning on and nothing happens you may think you’re in for a big repair bill. In fact, this could just be an electrical issue which is easier to solve than you think.

If you’ve encounter one of these problems you need to understand the most likely reason for the problem. This will help you to decide if you wish to attempt a repair or if you’d be better getting professional help.

  • Leaks
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This is one of the most common issues and one of the hardest to find. The smallest pinprick can cause a leak that depressurizes the system, preventing it from working properly. You’ll probably get warm or cool air, but not cold.

The most obvious places are around joints, look for an oily substance where the pipes join, this will suggest there is a leak. It can be fixed with specially designed sealant available at most auto stores.

  • Condenser Blockage

Refrigerant runs through the air conditioning unit and passes through the condenser. It’s warmed by its journey through the vehicle, the condenser re-cools it, allowing you to get cold air.

Again, if it’s not working properly you’ll find the air is warm instead of cold.

The process is similar to that used by a refrigerator but the cooling of the refrigerant is completed by air coming through the front of your vehicle. If anything blocks the path of air to the condenser it won’t be able to perform its job properly, effectively maintaining warm air.

The most common issue is debris from the road. You’ll need to pop your hood and remove the front grill, they are usually fastened with a couple of screws. This will allow you to visually inspect the entrance to the condenser and remove any debris causing blockage.

  • Condenser Fault
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If there is no apparent blockage and the systems seem to be retaining pressure then you probably have a damaged condenser. This can happen from use or because debris has come off the road and into the front of your car, damaging the unit.

Unfortunately, if the condenser is damaged the only solution is to replace it. You’ll need to find an identical one used or new.

  • Electric Failure

The electric wiring in a car is subject to a huge amount of stress, specifically from a vast array of temperatures. The cables can go from freezing to hot in a very short space of time. They are also exposed to moisture.

In other words, they can fail. Check all your wiring and replace any damaged or frayed areas. You may be able to do a temporary repair by using electrical tape around individual wires. Ideally, these should then be replaced.

Other electrical issues may need to be diagnosed by your garage with their specialist equipment.

  • Cooling Fan Issue

Fans are situated at the front of the vehicle and work to cool the engine while assisting the air conditioning unit. If these fans are not working or are damaged the efficiency of your air conditioning system will be damaged, creating warm air instead of ice-cold.

Fans can also stop working due to blown fuses and bad electrics.

  • Compressor Issue

The compressor is the key component for moving refrigerant around your system. If the cooling liquid doesn’t move around the system it becomes hot and your air conditioning won’t work efficiently.

Compressors are generally reliable. However, if they are unused for extended periods, such as the winter period, they can be shocked when they are first turned on in the summer. This can cause an array of issues that may require the system to be re-pressurized or even for the compressor to be replaced.

You can avoid this issue by switching your air conditioning unit on at least once a month. It doesn’t matter if it’s cold outside, just having this on for a few minutes will help it to keep working at peak efficiency and extend its lifespan.

An air conditioning issue doesn’t have to be expensive. Contact us today and, combined with your understanding of the issue, we’ll ensure your air conditioning is working again in no time, at much less cost than you may think.