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Enamel Pins – A Fashion Trend Making a Big Comeback

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Whether they are adorning a scarf, hat, shirt collar, or a bag, enamel pins seem to be on everything these days, produced by know brands, independent businesses, and everything else that come between. However, it might be difficult to actually understand why they are making a comeback these days, especially if you are not into trading or collecting them. So why are these tiny pins making such a comeback? Let’s take a look at the list of reasons why they are becoming increasingly popular:

  1. They are an Affordable Way to Express Yourself and Your Opinions

People are constantly looking for new and unique ways to express themselves and these pins are one of the cheapest ways to show a wide range of passions. Depending on the design, the manufacturing process used, and the size of it, you can buy these fashion accessories starting from 2 dollars each. And unlike other accessories that might look pointless or tacky when you wear several at once, wearing a couple of enamel pins at the same time is not tacky.

  1. They Are Small Works of Art and They Are Highly Customizable
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Tiny they are, but with all the advancements in technology, even the most complicated and delicate designs can be reproduced onto these pins. Every day, a wide range of artists are collaborating on designs which in return offer consumers truly unique and lovely products. If you are looking to start a business on your own, enamel pins are also a perfect entry point for E-commerce. The opportunities are endless – you can start with something easy like typography, simple geometrical shapes and patterns, or fractal art. Besides the design aspect, you can also easily customize these pins in different ways like adding stones to die struck pins or you can opt for a magnetic closure instead of the traditional clutch. Click here if you want to read more about these pins.

  1. They Can Be Permanent or Temporary

When it comes to expressing yourself, enamel pins can be permanent or temporary. They are temporary since you can easily remove them if a situation calls for it, and you can trade and sell them if you get bored with them. On the other hand, since they are sturdy and durable, they can last for a very long time, especially if you take good care of them.

  1. They Appeal to Both Sides of the Market
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When you think about it a little bit longer, with the various uses of these pins, everyone could be a potential market for these fashion accessories. Whether it is from a well-known name such as Dior, or culture and youth-oriented brand like Supreme, or from a small creative shop or an online store, an enamel pin has a universal appeal. They also suit all ages and are unisex, hence, both genders can sport a Mickey Mouse or Bart Simpsons enamel pin.


As you can see, there are various reasons why enamel pins are appealing to a lot of people. They are funny, interesting, a good way to express yourself, and they can be used as a fashion statement. Hence, if you do not have enamel pins, make sure that you check out some online stores. You will be surprised by the number of designs and prints available.