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What Does it Mean to be Environmentally Conscious?

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Maintaining a clean and healthy environment is the responsibility of every human being, no matter what part of the planet earth he lives in or where he is at the moment. Its survival, as well as ours, and our health depend on how we treat the environment in which we find ourselves. The rational use of natural resources is of great importance for the survival of the planet, and therefore we should aim to keep water, air, and soil clean.

Unfortunately, nowadays there are people and companies that through their activities, further endanger nature and destroy the natural resources that we need to live on it.

So let’s see how they pollute nature, and how to raise awareness among people that we should take care of all the beauties that nature gives us and how to keep them clean for our future generations.

Water pollution

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Water is the source of life, and the human body would not survive if we did not have access to clean drinking water. The earth’s surface is covered with 2/3 water which consists of oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, streams, and so on. There are currently many parts of the world that do not have access to clean drinking water, and this is the result of many things that have an impact. The first and biggest polluters of water surfaces are the industries that pollute the water by releasing toxic chemicals. The next polluters are the population, which through the wastewater that is a result of their life activities, additionally pollutes nature by filling the water surfaces with various chemicals. All this affects the water quality. You are probably wondering how we as citizens can contribute to preserving water quality?

Very easy, not to waste water unnecessarily as if there is no tomorrow. Let’s be rational in using it in the household because every drop is important. For watering the plants in the house, instead of the water that is intended for drinking, we can use rainwater that will be stored in a tank and will be used exclusively for this purpose. Buy household products that contain as few chemicals as possible and are biodegradable. Manufacturing companies tend to make their products environmentally friendly, to make people think the same way and care more about nature. One such company is alternativi.fr, which has in its range products that are recycled, that can be reused, are organic, and have zero waste. So make sure to check it out. Not to spill various fatty substances in the drain, to eat more organic food, to reduce the consumption of meat products in the body, to report illegal waste disposal if we encounter such a thing. These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use to maintain clean water.

Air pollution

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Air pollution is caused by the release of physical, chemical, or biological agents that affect the natural properties of the atmosphere. This results in a situation where the air is polluted with substances that are risky and harmful to human health. We all know that clean air should have no odor and should not be visible to the naked eye. But we have been witnessing lately how polluted he is, and we can reduce that to our negligence again. How do we pollute it? The biggest polluters are again the industries, the factories that have not installed filters for the purification of the air coming out of their chimneys. People who use wood heaters.

Harmful gases emitted by cars. Incineration of garbage and other materials in nature. All this contributes to those thick dark fogs that we deal with every year, which harm our health. How can we contribute to reducing this pollution? Primarily we can leave the car at home, use public transport or even better, and use a bicycle as a means of transportation. Let’s replace wood heaters with air conditioners. To reduce the unnecessary use of electricity. Plant as many trees as possible that play a huge role in maintaining clean air. Report illegal burning of garbage and other materials. Get rid of fireworks and firecrackers for celebrations. If you practice these things, believe that nature will be grateful to you, and we will leave a cleaner environment for future generations.

Soil pollution

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Just as it is important to keep the air and water clean, so it is important to maintain and preserve the soil. All the toxic substances and wastes that we throw away have a huge negative impact on its pollution. For example, if we throw a can in nature, it will take 50 years to decompose, the battery 100 years, and the plastic bottle up to 450 years. We will not even be alive to witness their disintegration. What does this say about us as creatures, if we continue to leave garbage in nature and influence its destruction? We must have a little more awareness and apply actions that will help prevent the decomposition of waste in nature. In what ways can we do this? We must first and foremost start recycling waste.

There are special containers where this disposal of household waste takes place. For example, there are special containers for paper, plastic, metal, glass, so you need to classify the waste before throwing it away, which will help the waste to be further recycled and reused. Use organic products in the home such as food and other pesticide-free and biodegradable products. Planting plants and trees is not only an important factor in maintaining clean air, they have a huge impact and contribute to cleaner soil, so practice planting trees and growing plants.

By polluting these three elements, we not only endanger our health but also affect the survival of many living things. The number of endangered species of animals and plants is increasing every day, and it is our negligence that contributes to their extinction.

Each of us has the right to a clean environment, and we must respect everything to get a better and longer life. That is why every citizen of this planet is obliged to take care of maintaining a clean and healthy ecosystem.