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7 Cheap Ways and Tips for Improving Your Home’s Security

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Owning any property along with joy, implies care. It is known that burglaries and thefts have become more frequent all over the world and that thieves and robbers are more and more clever and sophisticated since they have many new technologies at their disposal. These are no longer funny appearances from cartoons with a mask on their faces and a screwdriver in his hand. Very often they are highly educated experts, who use the latest technologies.

Of course, your house does not have to be the target of such people. It may be that it caught the eye of the most ordinary street burglar, who saw his chance to get in easily and quickly take some money or small change that he could easily sell. Whatever one’s intention and plan is, we must do everything we can to protect our property and privacy.

Even if nothing was stolen from us and the burglars didn’t manage at all, the very feeling that someone uninvited was in our house, rummaging through our closets, things, drawers, peeking under our beds, throwing our books off the shelves… challenges a feeling of horror, insecurity, helplessness, restlessness and fear that it could all happen again.

Therefore, it is best to think about this issue in advance and do your best to avoid harm and inconvenience.

Lock the door

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The first and basic rule of any security is to lock the doors, especially the main entrance and that is also totally free thing to do. There are burglars who do not have a serious plan, but wander and observe where they could most easily enter. They check if some doors are unlocked (very often they come across such a case), so they enter your home without effort or problems.

It can happen that you are in the house, sleeping, in the bathroom or kitchen, which makes the situation potentially even more dangerous. In fear and panic, during the escape, you can be injured, and the least you will suffer is a huge fear. Therefore, secure the front and rear doors, if you have them, do not save on security doors, locks, grilles… This also applies to windows. Analyze the weak points of your house or apartment and act in that direction.

Install the cameras

For decades, cameras have not only been reserved for large companies, banks, various government agencies and wealthy people. They are now relatively cheap, available to ordinary people and can greatly insure our house and property, in general. There are various types of cameras, those that record all 24 hours, that react to heat, have black and white shots or color .. It is up to you and your budget to best install cameras that will cover the entrances, yard, garage .. You can always hire expert and thus be even more confident that your video protection system will be done professionally.

Buy a dog

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Although it is the era of high technology, the age-old way of protection should not be neglected, and that is the dog. It can be a police dog (Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Malinois, Doberman), trained to react and not let anyone unknown in or out. It can be an ordinary dog, not even a very large one, which will alarm the neighborhood with its loud barking and sway the burglar in his intention.


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One of the great ways to protect yourself is light. It can be mounted above the front door where it will turn on only when someone approaches or is constantly on, depending on your wishes. Also, it is wise to cover the whole yard with some kind of lighting. It can be mounted on a garage or garden house or as a stand-alone lighting in dark corners, where there are trees or lush vegetation. This is very effective and initially has an adverse effect on potential attackers on your property.

Hide the most valuable items

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Burglars and criminals know almost every trick in hiding money, jewelry and most valuables. Bedrooms, books, under the parquet, in the floor, behind the picture, even in the freezer… these are all places that are known to both professionals and amateurs. It was many films that gave the idea and people began to use such places en masse, to hide their valuables and money. The best and safest way is to rent a safe and thus provide what is valuable to you. If that is not your intention, then think carefully about which place seems safe, and illogical and unknown to someone who intends to steal something.

Pay attention to the garage and garden house

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Don’t forget, don’t skip this part. Even though your car is safe in the garage and there is no way anyone can steal it and drive it out of the yard, remember that there are many things hidden there that burglars could take and sell. Various types of tools, which are often expensive, then lawn mowers, pruning shears, chainsaws, garden furniture… all this is the target of thieves.

There are well-known examples where burglars spent days looting and looting a garden house, while the family was in their house, unaware of anything. So secure these rooms with locks, padlocks, lights and grilles. Also it is advisable to add some type of driveway alarm. Which types are available on the market you can find out at absoluteautomation.com

Home security system

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It would be best if every house and larger apartment has this system. If it is state of the art, it can warn you that someone is in your house, and he can be connected to the police, who will immediately alert you. Some have a thermo sensors where a drop in temperature is successfully registered when you are not in the house, the system recognizes this. Of course, nothing is perfect, so sometimes there can be confusion and confusion, false alarm. However, all this is less important than what can await you, when you enter and see that someone was in your house, with obviously bad intentions.


Here are just a few of the many options you can use to protect your property. Property is an important thing, no one likes to have something of theirs endangered in any way, but the most important thing is your personal safety. That is why it is necessary to take steps and act preventively, so that you and your family are not endangered, endangered and exposed to any risk.