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10 Essential Tips for Improving Your Typing Skills in 2024

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The advanced technology has completely changed the world. You can see these changes in all areas of life. First of all, the way how people communicate has drastically changed.

Not so long ago, most conversations were made by phone, right? Of course, we do not want to say that people completely stopped calling each other. Yet, most of us are using social media for communicating with others. It doesn’t matter how far away you and the other person are. People chat on Facebook even with their neighbors.

However, typing becomes even more important if it is part of your profession. This doesn’t only include professions such as content writing or copywriting. Fast typing is important for literally every profession that needs to type reports on a computer. Check EssayWritingReviews where writing experts, they write essays correctly and do it faster to provide you with a paper in advance.

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Img source: pexels.com

There are two different reasons why we believe that the improvement of typing skills is important. First of all, it takes a lot of time to accomplish a current task with slow typing. Despite that, people that type slowly are more focused on typing itself. They are not concentrated enough to write valuable content (valuable in different ways).

That’s the reason why we want to share some essential tips for improving your typing skills. Trust us; the practices that we suggest are not tough at all. Everything will become easier when these practices become your routine.

Important Statistics

Before we start with current tips, we want to share some important statistics. The average speed for boys is 44 words per minute. On the other hand, girls type around 37 words per minute.

Everything above that is considered as fast typing. In other words, our types will help you type more than 44/37 words per minute. We believe that you would want to reach that.
So, let’s get started!

Approach Typing in the Right Way

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People make the first mistake immediately after they sit in front of a computer. Logically, after that, nothing is going to work fine.
The first thing you should do is sit upright and with your back not leaning forward towards the keyboard. This will help you improve the level of concentration.

After that, you need to pick to place your elbows and wrist in the right position. Your elbows need to be at right angles to the keyboard. Besides that, your arms should not be bent downwards or upwards.

Finally, the most important part comes – the position of your fingers. Place your left-hand’s pinky finger on the “A” key. You will use this finger for all keys that are on the left side of the keyboard. For instance, this includes keys like “caps lock”, “left shift”, etc. On the other side, the right-hand’s pinky should be located on the colon/semi-colon button. This finger is responsible for the keys in the right part of the keyboard.

Now we move to your thumb. Place one of your thumbs should be placed on the “Space” button. If you are left-handed, we suggest you use the thumb of the left hand.

The ring finger middle finger and index finger should be placed on keys S, D, and F. Despite that, it is important that these three fingers on the right hand be located on L, K, and J keys.

Should I Look at Keyboard?

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Well, so-called “blind typing” means that you are not using your eyes while typing. Still, if you are a complete beginner, then you won’t be able to do that immediately. Our recommendation is to start typing slower. In this way, you will get used to the position of all the keys on the keyboard. Besides that, every beginner must be patient. We do not want to say that you won’t make many mistakes in the beginning. However, all the mistakes that you make will be lessons.

If you accidentally press W instead of S a couple of times, sooner or later you will stop doing that.

We suggest you stop using the eyes after some period. It is hard to determine how much time you will need. That is something we will let you decide alone. However, do not stagnate. If you needed one day to go to another level, then the next day you should start typing faster. Step-by-step, you will be closer to your goal.

Find Typing Programs

There are many online programs out there that will help you improve your typing skills. For example, there are some that will give you time to type certain words. All these words are mostly made of letters that are on the same side of the keyboard. In that way, you will slowly start to get used to the position of a certain letter. Most of these programs come with time limits. After you finish all the tasks that a program gives you, you will see your average speed. That piece of data will tell you if you made progress or not.

Despite that, you also have websites like easytype.org where you can get some online typing lessons for the beginners. We suggest you check their website and see in which ways you can improve your typing skills.

P.S. Before using them, there is one thing that you should try. Open a word document and start typing the same words many times. However, those words should contain the letters from the same part of the keyboard. Some of the words that you can type are – RED, DEAR, READ, etc. Use the words that contain the same letters. After you finish with one part of the keyboard, move to the second one.

Repeat Practices as Much as You Can

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Okay, this is the most important “rule” that you must respect. Let’s say that you completely applied the tips that we previously gave you. You did that for the weekend twice and it seemed to you that you were making progress. Yet, you haven’t continued to type in the same manner during the working week.

This way of improving skills won’t help you a lot. You must practice fast typing every single day. Let’s be honest; this type of duty is not tough. Besides that, with some online lessons and programs, it can be quite entertaining.

Make a plan for your day. We suggest that typing only 1 hour per day would be enough. If you repeat the process every day, you will see the progress soon.