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10 Employer Tips For Working With A Temp Agency

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The term ‘Agency’ has innumerable definitions, the most common being an entity that works on behalf of another entity in return for a consideration, say a lump sum of money. An Agency can be broadly categorized into Permanent Agency and Temporary Agency.

It is a need of the hour, and the arrangement of the Agency can be used in several matters such as in partnership firms, recruiting employees, and attorneys.

What Is A Staffing Agency?

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A staffing agency connects with different companies and caters to their needs to find employees for suitable jobs and fulfill all the requirements.

But before agreeing with a temp Agency, an employer must know certain tips and tricks of working with an agency.

10 Tips And Tricks An Employer Must Know

Good Research On Staffing Agencies

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The employer should research properly before appointing a staffing agency. Not all of them can work efficiently. There are thousands of staffing agencies. Some of them can turn out to be a fraud and work under the facade.

So thorough research is needed, and one should have a substitute option for it such as direct recruitment or contact the second best Agency and not depend too much on a particular agency.

Economical And Budget Friendly

The recruiting teams that are hired often charge an excess amount. One should tally three or four agencies and go with the one that suits the company’s budget. Negotiations should be completed before the contract is made. Acceptance and refusals should be clear and directly stated.

Detail Your Requirements

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Requirements of the company should be stated in the contract that would be made. The Agency needs to cater to the requirements of the company.

The Agency must be informed if the company is looking for temporary staffing. This will help the Agency to communicate and state the requirements to the employees applying for it.

Set Timelines For Recruitment

Staffing agencies should be provided with a deadline. For example, if the company is a management company, they get a proposal of event management for a marriage ceremony. A marriage ceremony naturally needs a lot of employees.

They are given several management responsibilities: serving people with food and arranging the tables. Companies can hire temporary employees for this purpose and cater to their needs.

Open To Communication

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Companies should communicate with the agencies in a professional yet decent manner. If there is no response from the other side, then agencies might move on with other companies and help candidates with other positions of another company. Therefore, companies in contact with agencies should be swift and work efficiently.

Build Rapport With A Tempo Agency

Often companies, to maintain professionality, forget to associate with the Agency and maintain rapport. Building rapport is very important in every single aspect of life. It is essential even when we see it from the company’s point of view.

For example, if three or four companies are in contract with the agencies and have the same requirements for the job. The Agency will first guide the employee to the company with whom he has good rapport or has a good impression of the company.

Although payments also play a factor in such cases, when the agencies have a fixed rate of payment and charges are the same from each company, rapport plays an important role.

Accept Candidates That Fulfills More Requirement

If the employer is based on “A” grade students excelling and fulfilling all the requirements, he would end up disappointed. It is always good to have an open mindset about recruitments.

Employers should choose the best but must not seek a perfect scorer because perfect is yet another challenging job to fulfill. Overview all the candidates and shortlist them. That’s the best way to choose and recruit.

Brief Your Expectation

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This necessarily means the company should be sincere and truthful about all the conditions prevailing in the company. The drawbacks, if any, should be mentioned so that the employee doesn’t feel deceived after joining the company.

This can be mentioned after the recruitment and start of the interview process, which can help the employee make the decision, or this can be said to the agencies to make things a little easier on the company’s part.

Make Sure To Have An Immediate Fill-in Option

Employees should be available to fill in the vacant post and start working after completing the procedure from the recruiter’s side. However, the company decides to decide the joining date of the individual.

Elaborate Salary Expectation From A Position

The Temp agency should brief the salary expectation so that it can be discussed before applying to the company. The candidate can have greater requirements and expectations considering his job profile and prior experience.

Privileges Of Choosing An Agency From The Employee Point Of View

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When we talk about the benefits incurred from choosing it, there are not just one or two, and there are many aids and assistance. If the candidates are from New Zealand, they can click here to learn more about the team agencies in Christchurch, New Zealand. The agency company is an IT recruitment specialist and appreciates the recruitment of freshers. The list of benefits are:

No Payments Required

These services generally don’t charge any amount from the candidates appearing for the screening process.

They Recommend The Best Option For You

Often it is the Agency that helps you choose when you are confused by showcasing the benefits and disadvantages that might arise from the option one chooses. This narrows too many options and helps you shortlist the best ones.

You Can Choose From Several Option

You have many options open in front of you, and you can choose according to your suitability.

You Can Seek Help For Filling Out Forms

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If you face difficulty with the application process or contact the company, it can help you with the same.

Your Circle Of Interaction Grows

In the future, you can avail more opportunities, which will help you grow overall. Intercommunication is an important skill that needs to be polished from time to time for human development.


In a nutshell, a temp agency acts as a bridge between a company and an employee. They communicate the information gathered from the company and pass it on to the candidates applying for it. It also gives innumerable options to the candidates with many companies and businesses with some applications from suitable candidates.