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Are New Balance Shoes Good for Running – 2024 Review

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With the global covid-19 pandemic many gyms closed and it was a real catastrophe for people who enjoyed working out on the regular. Now most of us are left with only a few options, one of which is running.

Running is the best cardiovascular exercise that a person can do, and it also happens to be the most natural thing, yielding tons of health benefits if done properly. But, “if done properly” is a really important part in that sentence.

You see, running nowadays is very different than what running was back when people had to hunt food. Nowadays we run to get our bodies in shape and we do it quite regularly, so if it’s done properly done our body can suffer injuries or even worse, deformities. We want to avoid that by any means, which is why most of the time we invest in great running shoes. And while we’re at running shoes, are the new balance shoes good for running? Find out in the content below.

Why Running Shoes?

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Running shoes are required if you are serious about running and you want to do it really often. Not every type of shoe is recommended for this activity. Running puts a lot of pressure on your knees and on your feet as well, and although it doesn’t seem like something significant at first, long-term it can be a really bad thing to do without proper equipment.

Running shoes exist for a very long time and they serve a great purpose. They are not very expensive to purchase but they may be slightly more expensive than regular shoes, of course, depending on the brand. If you are particularly interested in New Balance as a brand, which is probably why you’re here reading this review, feel free to check diebestengutscheine for New Balance running shoe prices.

Now that running shoes are becoming more and more popular, it’s so much easier to find ones that match your style, your habits and your overall lifestyle. For all your fitness needs, investing in a pair of running shoes will be very beneficial. Your feet will thank you, and you definitely will never look back on your decision. Now let’s take a look at what you should choose and what some key things you need to keep in mind are.

What makes a pair of running shoes worthy of your money?

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Running shoes need to be very comfortable for a start. You shouldn’t feel any discomfort or even worse pain while running in them. This unfortunately isn’t the case with every type of shoe you can find on the market.

Then, you need to check whether the surface at the bottom is ergonomic and designed specifically for enduring a lot of pressure, which is basically what happens while you are running. The bottom side of the shoe shouldn’t have any awkward shape or anything like that. It needs to keep your feet in a proper position so the pressure created by running can evenly spread out, preventing any damage from happening by long-term running.

New Balance shoes were particularly designed for sport enthusiasts. They sell as a sport brand and they have a great reputation in that area as well. Every pair we’ve tried so far is quite comfortable and perfect for running. We’re not saying they’re better or worse than some brands, but in the world of running shoes, personal preference is really a significant factor.

Are looks important for running shoes?

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Now these aren’t shoes you’ll go out with. Not that you can’t, but it usually doesn’t happen. New Balance shoes look good, and they certainly will make you run with style. If you want to take them to the gym they’re good for that as well.

We don’t quite recommend them for deadlifting however because for deadlifts you need to use other types of shoes. So, if you are planning to do that exercise in the same day you want to run, maybe it’s better to grab two pairs of shoes in your gym bag or simply take the New Balance pair off while deadlifting.

Should I visit my doctor before purchasing a pair?

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Any doctor will tell you that running shoes are recommended if you are serious about this activity. However, if you were physically inactive for the most part of your life, it may be recommended to visit a doctor to discuss your new upcoming lifestyle.

They will probably send you to an orthopedic expert to check the condition of your feet and determine whether a special type of running shoes are needed. You may get a recommendation by your doctor to purchase a certain brand, but you have to see it for yourself, we’re just telling you what the possible outcomes may be.

New Balance Shoes for long-term running

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New Balance shoes are pretty affordable and there are a lot of options available, so choosing and availability shouldn’t be an issue at all. For long-term running, we recommend them as they are durable and you will be able to run comfortably in them.

However, there are other brands that you can consider as well. Each brand has its own perks. Some specialize on looks, but that’s not really important for running. The most important thing is feeling comfortable.


If you are serious about running, and you should be because it’s the best and most natural cardiovascular exercise, you need to invest in a pair of good running shoes.

Most people think they can run with any type of shoes but that’s a pretty big mistake. You can end up damaging your feet or creating a deformity, as well as hurting your knees by running improperly and without something comfortable on your feet.

In today’s article we reviewed New Balance shoes a neutral and unbiased way, so if you are looking to learn some more feel free to check what we wrote above. Remember to take good care of yourself and keep running, being fit is amazing.