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The Ultimate Guide to Defense Background Checks for Aerospace Defense Employers

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The massive U.S. aerospace and defense (A&D) industry offers lucrative job opportunities. Millions of Americans apply for various positions, but only those eligible are hired. A vital component of testing candidate eligibility is background checks.

The A&D industry had around 2.1 million employees, a 2022 report mentions. While still in the post-COVID recovery phase, the industry will employ more personnel.

To make sure aerospace defense employers are not lost without a suitable guide for background checking, this is one they can use.

Importance of Background Checking for The Aerospace and Defense Industry

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The aerospace and defense industry consolidates many departments. These cater to both military and commercial end-users. From aircraft and ground equipment like tanks to the ships that sail the seas, it all comes under aerospace and defense.

Thus, employees in the industry have access to classified information and data. Moreover, there are risks of theft, sabotage, and more criminal activities. For an industry that deals with dangerous equipment and weapons, these are catastrophic.

Cyberattacks pose a threat to government and industries, and this sector is at risk too.  Every time cyber attackers pull off a heist, it can be classified data they take as a trophy. The last thing any organization wants is employees that might aid in these attacks.

Clients of the aerospace and defense companies are both the federal government and private organizations. Complete loyalty and dedication are expected from employees. Hence, thorough background checks need to be conducted.

What Can Employers Do For Efficient Background Checking?

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As an A&D industry employer, here are things one can do to ensure fruitful and efficient background checks:

Consider Choosing a Reliable Screening Service

Employers must screen candidates for a given role. But they may not do so themselves. These tests include employment background, credentials, financial history, a record of past criminal actions and drug abuse, etc.

Government departments have strict standards that employers must follow. However, background checks may differ from one private organization to the other.

There can be thousands of candidates for a role an aerospace and defense company is hiring for. This makes background checking time-consuming and somewhat difficult for employers.

The solution to this is professional employee screening companies. They offer custom packages while ensuring comprehensive background checks. There are various committed companies offering accurate employee background checking.

Employers can use such services to perform relevant aerospace and defense background checks. This ensures efficient workflow in the organization and prevents risks of faulty hiring.

Opting for these services can also help companies avoid errors in background checking. Health Street, an employment screening company, mentions that employers might access excess personal information. This can conflict with employment law and have legal consequences. Therefore, make sure you don’t violate any privacy laws while conducting background checks.

Verify Information

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The sensitive nature of the aerospace and defense industry demands caution. Thus, there are strict background-checking practices. Employers have little scope for error when considering a candidate, as risks are related to national security.

However, this does not mean that candidates should not be given an opportunity to explain themselves, especially when a red flag appears in an otherwise excellent profile.

Employers can do this by consulting with the previous employers of the candidate. They can talk to the candidates as far as the guidelines allow so.

Construct a Plan for Background Checking

Most aerospace and defense companies have a method of background checking in employee recruitment. This is on par with government guidelines and the relevant laws covering the aerospace and defense industry.

If the post demands so, employers must also follow the security clearance guidelines mentioned by the NISPOM (National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual).  Then there are also the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) laws pertaining to a candidate’s credit record.

To sort the best candidates from the lot, employers must make a plan that follows these laws or guidelines while being convenient for the hiring company. The candidates should have prior knowledge and give written consent to the checks that will be conducted upon them.

Implement a Universal Screening Policy

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Aerospace and defense companies, in general, are to have a non-discriminating employment policy. Employers must give equal opportunities to candidates irrespective of caste, gender, color, national origin, disability, and so on.

Based on this, no one should go through any extra tests than a fellow candidate for the same role.

Other than the creation of such a uniform policy, employers also struggle with implementing it. The answer is reforming some older policies and adopting new ones, following the stipulated guidelines.

In Conclusion

The aerospace and defense industry needs dedicated individuals who must be efficient at what they do. And background checking can prevent criminal activities and misconduct in the organization.

Given the nature of the industry, the task of aerospace and defense employers might seem overwhelming. Although, creating and sticking to a standard policy on background checks seems to be a viable solution.