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Why You Should Ship A Car To California For An Extended Vacation – 2024 Guide

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You might not see it now, but there is a difference between having your car shipped to California for an extended vacation and driving it there. Road trips have a lot of danger hidden along the way, and I’m not just referring to the horror movie scenarios. You will find that your extended vacation is more enjoyable when you hire a professional to transport your car. It is also cheaper than renting a car while you are away.

The Hidden Dangers of a Road Trip

A road trip is not always a bad thing. Suppose you are on your way to California for an extended vacation. The last thing you want to do is start your vacation with potential problems. A busted car could potentially cut your plans short or drain your wallet before ever stepping foot on the beach.

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1. Getting Lost

Even with the best GPS systems tend to fail when you need them the most. Signals get lost, and you are stuck with nothing but the open road and hoping there is a sign in your future! Even if you have a backup map in your glove box, it may be outdated.

2. Running Out of Gas

You may think that you have planned out your road trip making sure you have covered every spot you need to stop for gas, but what if one of your stops is closed? What if you get lost and end up arriving at a gas station after hours?

Some road stretches you have to drive may not have any stops for fuel, making it risky. If you run out of gas on a rural road, there may not be much traffic or cell reception for you to call for help.

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3. No Place to Sleep

If you plan to run with spontaneity for your road trip, you may end up with a place to sleep. If this happens, you may be forced to sleep in your car, which may not be the most comfortable lodging accommodations. Sleeping in your vehicle also leaves you open to dangers like theft or the temptation of driving when you are drowsy.

4. Encounters with the Law

Long stretches of roads can make anyone have a lead foot. When you speed, it puts you at risk of ending up on the wrong end of a radar gun. Speeding can land you a ticket that will have to come out of your vacation spending.

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5. Accidents

Since you can’t control other drivers on the road, you can’t control whether or not you end up in an accident. Road trips cover many roads, and you encounter many vehicles, increasing your chances of being in an accident.

6. The Breakdown

Even with the best maintenance check in the world, your car can breakdown at any moment. There is no way to guarantee that you won’t send up with a flat tire or mechanical problems along the way. When you ship your car, you won’t have to worry about the extra mileage put on your engine or the wear on your tires.

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Hiring an Auto Transport Company

When you need a transport company to ship your car to California for your extended vacation, A1AutoTransport.com has the options you are looking for. Shipping your vehicle has never been easier when you have the professional car transport handling all the heavy lifting for you.

You can get to your vacation quicker when you hire a professional company to get your vehicle there. All the paperwork and roadways are taken care of, so you don’t have to. All you have to do is prepare your car for pick up and be there for the delivery.

Car Preparations for Transport

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Before the company picks up your car, you need to gather up the documents that prove your vehicle belongs to you. The transport company needs to see that you are the one who owns the car and that you can legally ship it.

Have any scheduled maintenance done to your car before it gets picked up by the company. Not only will your vehicle be in top shape before getting to California, but it will also assure you shouldn’t have problems while driving from beach to beach.

Empty your gas tank to a quarter of a tank or below before transport. This action helps to keep the vehicle safer and to lighten it for transport. Transport companies factor in weight when shipping, so you want to have the lowest amount of weight possible.

You will need to make sure you clean your car inside and out. You and the transport truck driver will complete the bill of lading before your vehicle is loaded for transport. The bill of lading will be where any dents, dings, scratches, or other preexisting damage will be listed on here and signed off on by both parties as to the accuracy. You will repeat this process when your vehicle is delivered so that you and the company can assess any damage during the transport.

Enjoy Your Vacation

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Southern California is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the United States. When you take an extended vacation to California, making the trip to visit the top 9 beaches in Southern California should be on your list of things to do.

The point of taking an extended vacation is to relax. You can’t relax if you are worried about your car or a rough time getting to California. Even with the way that the pandemic has changed society, everyone needs a break. After months of staying home, a safe trip to the beach is just what the doctor ordered.

A Car Transport Company Expedites Your Extended Vacation

When you hire a car transport company, you get to your vacation sooner. You won’t have to worry about all the potential problems that a road trip could cause along the way. When you need to take some time, take it right and hire a professional company to make sure your car makes it to California so that you can drive in the comfort of your own car without paying too much for a rental.