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Is Arbitrage Possible in Sports Betting – 2024 Guide

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If you are engaged in retail or buying on the stock exchange, then you have the knowledge that arbitration is the purchase of a real estate in one market intending to be sold in another one for a higher price. This way the difference between the purchase and sale price of real estate or goods represents a secure profit. Very simple and logical procedure. But have you ever heard of betting arbitrage? You are probably wondering how this is possible since there is no specific purchase or sale. However, arbitration in sports betting is possible, but in a slightly different way.

In this text, we will deal with the question of how it is possible to perform the process of arbitration in sports betting in 2024. A lot of information about this can be found on blogs and youtube, and we have made an effort to bring all this knowledge together. So here’s a guide to sports betting arbitration that contains everything you need to know.

What is betting arbitrage all about?

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Only twenty years ago, we couldn’t discuss this topic. However, today the situation with bookmakers is much different, circumstances have absolutely changed and the market is constantly expanding. Along with the market, the competition among bookmakers is growing, which is getting stronger and more diverse. The less competition there was, the harder it was for players to calculate and go for variations in betting prices. But, as we said, with the increase in the number of bookmakers and the popularization of online betting, things are changing drastically. Fans of sports forecasting can now have a clear overview of the odds of different bookmakers and can calculate. I will not go to one bookmaker, but at the same time, I can open several offers from different bookmakers and compare the odds of the same matches. Just as those who invest have an overview, so do bookmakers who have a picture of what their odds are relative to other bookmakers. Thus, they can calculate and devise strategies to attract users. Thus, they can slightly increase or decrease the margin on certain quotas. This way they raise or lower the price and thus attract customers. From the point of view of players, betting in only one bookmaker could not provide the charms of arbitrage betting. So what’s going on?

Sports betting is profitable precisely because of the large number of bookmakers that are available online. There are variations in prices and they are the ones that make this wonderful strategy quite secure. Simply, the same event can have different odds in different bookmakers. You can see the excellent quota offer on UFABET. If you are a player who is not difficult to follow, is instructive and constantly learns, you can make a profit. So we’re not talking about luck but about a thoughtful way to play. Also, with the help of arbitration, we are not talking about ideal profit, but about smaller amounts of profit. If you have invested $ 100, your earnings with this method will be between $ 2 and $ 10. Okay, not much, but the winnings are almost guaranteed, unlike ordinary betting. Believe me, even though it is small, the winnings add up very quickly. For many people who gamble professionally, this is certainly the most consistent method they can really rely on.

Of course, if everything was so simple, almost everyone would bet in this way and easily win a certain profit. However, things are not so simple. If you want to deal with arbitrage betting, you need to set aside a lot of time, discipline and hard work. It’s not just: you open sites, you see odds and that’s it.

To better understand the arbitration system, we will list one simple diameter. Remember, the more outcomes that are offered, the harder it is to implement this system. Therefore, it is best to stick to two outcomes. Imagine that we decided to bet over / under 2.5 goals. Many players use just such a binary approach, quite simple. So, we choose a match between team x and team y and compare their odds on different bookmakers that we can see on the internet. At betting number 1, the situation is such that for more than 2.5 goals the odds are 2.6, and for less than 2.5 goals the odds are 1.51. in bookmaker number 2 for more than 2.5 goals they offer a odds of 2.13, while for less than 2.5 goals the odds are 1.75. therefore, different bookmakers have set their prices differently. It is the discrepancy between these packages offered by different bookmakers that players want to take advantage of. Rather, let us continue the explanation through example. An experienced player would invest $ 100 in the outcome of this game: he would invest $ 40 in betting No. 1 on more than 2.5 goals, and the remaining $ 60 in betting No. 2 on less than 2.5. therefore, the risk simply does not exist because one of these options is certain. If he hits more than 2.5 goals in bookmaker number 1, the player will win $ 64, but lose the $ 60 he invested in bookmaker number 2. However, if the loss is $ 4. less than $ 2.5, will have a profit of $ 45. Since he lost that $ 40 with a stake in bookmaker No. 1, the profit here will be $ 5.

We hope that the system is clearer for you now: in both cases, the profit is guaranteed, and there is a possibility that it will be 4 or 5 dollars. The risk is almost non-existent. Yes, you might think what a $ 5 reward it is, but profit is profit. You just didn’t do much and you made it happen. This is the essence of arbitrage betting.

Bookmakers are quite afraid of this type of betting and if they suspect that you are betting this way they can close your account. This is one of the biggest risks to this strategy. So open accounts in as many bookmakers as possible and avoid the most popular matches. Remember that there is nothing illegal in arbitrage betting. The only thing that can get in the way of this is your desire to make a huge amount of money as soon as possible.