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8 Misconceptions Related To Sex Products

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Back in the day, using sex toys was considered as a tabboo. However, today things have changed and more than sixty percent of the woman population use these toys to experience ultimate sexual pleasure. You will be surprised to know that more women who are in a relationship use these toys than single ones. There is no denying that these products have been around for ages now, but people are still not comfortable talking about them. It took several generations for people to talk about sexual pleasure and accept these products. However, there are still full of rumors, misconceptions, myths revolving around them.

There is nothing to feel embarrassed about using these products. The era of discomfort is now over, and people generally don’t giggle at the mention of sex toys, such as vibrators or cock rings. Looking to buy a sex toy? Check out some amazing options at Lovify.

Let us bust a few popular misconceptions that people generally have regarding these products. Busting these myths will help you understand the purpose of such toys better.

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They Are For Singles

No! This statement is completely wrong. These products are not only for singles. People in relationships can use these products as well. These products help you to understand your partner’s body in a better light. With their help, you can easily understand what turns on your partner and what turns them off.

Moreover, these products are not just for straight women. Instead, everyone can use them according to their desires. On the contrary, you are not required to be in a relationship to use one. Overwhelming choices are available for couples of the same sex and also for men.

These Products Are Not Good For Your Sexual Health

This statement is absolutely wrong. These products have amazing health benefits. Did you know, only 62% of women have an orgasm during normal sexual intercourse? What about the rest? They don’t get one throughout their lives. Hence, the use of these products to get orgasms has gained huge momentum in recent years. Almost 70% of women cannot have an orgasm without using a sex toy during intercourse.

These products, such as vibrators, help women attain orgasm to a great extent. Even women who never have had an orgasm have benefitted from such sex toys. The steady and fast buzzing of the vibrator makes women experience orgasms. However, an orgasm in women doesn’t serve any evolutionary purpose, just like it does in men, but it is accompanied by several health benefits. Using these toys will ensure that you have a good night’s sleep and will reduce your stress to a great extent.

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Real Men Don’t Use A Vibrator Ever While Having Sex With Their Partner

A lot of studies have revealed that men often use vibrators even while they have partner sex. It makes their partner achieve orgasm and pleasure quickly and easily.

If A Man Is Not Able To Satisfy His Woman, She Uses A Vibrator

The fact is not necessarily true. If a couple has just started having sex for a few days now, they can coach each other regarding what provides them pleasure and turns them on. Men should make love in a way that is preferred by his woman. There is nothing wrong if women use a vibrator during sex to achieve pleasure.

The Use Of These Products Stretches The Vagina Out

Not at all. When people are aroused, their body relaxes. Hence, it prepares the person for a sexual stimulation that they prefer. Moreover, our body is already very elastic, which means even when using a sex toy, the genitals expand and they regain their shape back in no time. The usage of a dildo or a vibrator will not stretch out a woman’s vagina permanently, just as an erection will not stretch the penis out in men. All of these reactions are temporary, and the body goes back to normal.

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These Products Do Not Work For People With Dysfunctions

These products not only make your sex life great, but they also help people who are suffering from sexual dysfunction. For instance, if a person is suffering from anorgasmia, a disorder in which they cannot reach orgasm, no matter how hard the sexual stimulation is, is proven to benefit from These products.

Toys like vibrators, massage oils, or stimulation feathers greatly benefit such people. Also, if a man cannot get an erection, these products can help him reach the climax. With age, some body parts don’t work the way they used to, and therefore, these products become an integral part of sex life.

Sex Toys Do No Good. Instead, They Worsen Your Sex Life

One of the nastiest notions about these products is that they do no good and are only for people who lack good sex in their lives. Instead of making sex life worse, these products make the life of couples better. According to Kinsey Institute’s research, women who use a vibrator during sexual intercourse experience regular gynecological appointments and have elevated levels of desires. They also have a great level of lubrication, orgasm, and arousal.

Moreover, when a woman enjoys her time with a vibrator, it will not impact her sex time with a partner. These sex toys enhance the sexual life of a person and don’t ruin it.

These Products Are Not For Everyone

No! There is a sex toy for everyone on the market. Irrespective of gender and relationship status, anyone and everyone can buy a sex toy for themself to attain utmost pleasure. There are These products for different kinds of sex lovers. For instance, if one is a BDSM role player, they will get handcuffs and floggers. Whereas, if someone loves anal play, they will get anal beads and butt plays. The best part is that there is a vibrator available in the market that can be easily controlled from your mobile phone.

Final Word

If you are looking for a sex toy, you will first have to go through the trial and error method to see which toy works best for you. You will have to try certain toys to find a toy that fulfills your sexual desires successfully.