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Essential Factors to Mitigate the Propagation of Coronavirus

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The epidemic of Covid-19 has caused significant changes in daily life. The pandemic is undoubtedly one of the world’s most significant provocations, and it has characterized health disasters throughout history. Due to the rapid propagation and active escalation of the coronavirus, state and local governments are vulnerable to reopening the economy in the best possible manner.

Most countries have enforced travel bans by restricting travel, quarantining possible disease carriers, and canceling large meetings to maintain social isolation to limit the propagation of this virus. The highest number of new infections identified in a single day occurred earlier this year, on April 6th, when the CDC registered 43,438 new infections. Although, after a short respite in cases as global superpowers imposed stay-at-home directives, the outbreak rate is starting to rise again as everybody tries to reclaim a semblance of normalcy.

All of us have even spent weeks cooped up at home. Meanwhile, we’re hoping to hear that the epidemic is winding down. Is there anything else we can do while we wait? And how do we remain safe even if the quarantine regulations relax? Knowing the risks and what you can do to help avoid transmission is the first step.

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Risk Factors

The most critical risk factor for COVID-19 is in close contact with others. Tiny droplets formed in the air from the nose or mouth by sneezing, coughing, speaking, or breathing is believed to transmit the infection. Anyone appearing in the proximity of these bacterial droplets is at risk. Since COVID-19 is thought to spread immediately from person to person in most cases, reducing contact with others is the only way to prevent the virus from spreading.

The significance of online portals

The risk factor highlighted above showcases the importance of social distancing. Considering the rising number of cases, various local stores and businesses have shifted their paradigm towards online orders and marketing. It was observed that while visiting pharmacies and grocery stores, people were continuously exhibiting negligence in following the rules of social distancing. Due to this, the virus was spreading at an aggressive rate. However, the advent and arrival of online pharmacies and grocery stores have escorted the masses and confined them in their homes.

People are now conveniently ordering their required goods from online platforms without the risk of being infected. One such online pharmacy dealer is price pro pharmacy that can be reached at pricepropharmacy.com. You can quickly search and order your preferred medicines from this portal because it has a wide range of high-quality medicinal drugs at low prices. Its optimum feature is that it still offers reliable and timely distribution systems and credit card payment options, ensuring maximum protection during these pandemic times.

According to medical experts and scientists, individuals with such chronic disorders could be more prone to experiencing severe complications resulting from contracting COVID-19. Advanced age, asthma, and any other illness that compromises the immune system are all recommended to be at a higher risk for complications.

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Plan of action

The COVID-19 pandemic is unlike anything we’ve ever seen or heard of. Pandemics have existed in the past, but none have resulted in a near-global shutdown. That calls for severe initiatives and a robust plan of action to keep you and those in your vicinity safe and healthy.

When industries reopen, and the city returns to normalcy, it is more important than ever to prioritize protection when out and about. Even if not everyone can go back to work just yet, nearly everyone will need to head out into the world from time to time for shopping and other needs. These top safety tips can be found in several scenarios, from the grocery store to everyday life.

Practice social distancing and maintaining a safe distance

Slowing the dissemination of the novel coronavirus requires social distancing. Where necessary, maintain a safe distance of six feet from others, according to instructions floated by the government officials. Keeping this gap is believed to minimize the risk of unwittingly contracting the virus by hosts that seem asymptomatic. Since it’s possible for a pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic person to spread the infection until signs appear, it’s everyone’s duty to do their part while minimizing direct communication with anyone.

Use of surgical masks at all times

Wearing a surgical or fabric mask is an important safety tip when social distancing isn’t feasible. Workers in sectors that need direct and intimate interaction with clients are at a higher risk of catching the infection, so they can be extra careful about wearing masks and making sure that clients are mindful of the requirement. Employees and customers at any location or region who wear masks regularly will significantly minimize the risk of spreading polluted particles through their noses or mouths. The material used to form a mask functions to trap all the bacteria particles preventing them from escaping into the environment. That is why it is considered our primary source of defense.

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Use of hand wash and sanitizers

We’ve been told many times how vital sanitation is in the circumstances like this. To begin, wash your hands often with hot water and soap. Give the soap plenty of time to lather up by washing for at least 20 seconds. Hand washing and sanitization are also some of the safest ways to avoid infection, as easy as they can sound. According to medical experts and physicians, hands should be lathered with soap and washed in warm or cold water for at least twenty seconds. Finding a melody or snippet of a favorite song that counts at least twenty seconds and humming the tune while washing your hands is a quick and straightforward way to get a thorough wash. One of the safest protection against infection is to spend a little more time cleaning your hands thoroughly.

Practice quarantine and isolation

Even if you exhibit the mildest of the symptoms, you should responsibly isolate yourself. During isolation, try to enjoy your time by reading books or by practicing meditation. Don’t let the negative vibes take over you. To overcome this disease, one must be mentally strong as well.


To conclude, intelligence is the true strength in the battle against the novel coronavirus. Individuals’ and communities’ well-being can benefit significantly from recalling and implementing the guidelines. The best course of action for any resident trying to protect their neighborhood is to maintain social distance, wear a mask in public, use appropriate handwashing procedures, and keep vigilant about staggered re-openings when visiting any location. To support, set a positive example and work to teach your friends and family about these life-saving safety tips!