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A Holiday with Muay Thai Training for Fitness in Thailand and Experience – 2024 Guide

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It was not up to five weeks ago when I packed my bags, bade by colleagues farewell, and left for a short holiday to the Asian country of Thailand.

Honestly, I had heard a lot about the country, its serene beaches, its scattered idyllic islands, hills, wonderful people, and rich culture. However, still on the plane, I was unsure of what to expect, therefore my expectations were heightened on arrival at the Phuket Airport.

I have spent almost a month in this beautiful country, and there is much I can say. Though, the best experience I have had is with Muay Thai.

Muay Thai or Thai boxing is a combat sport that evolved from the old Thai military system of combat. However, its current form bears no act of violence or malice. This sport is sometimes called the “art of the eight limbs” involves lots of “fun” skills to overpower an opponent. Perhaps the best part of Muay Thai sport is the fact that most people now see it as a great fitness, weight-loss routine, and therapy.

Thailand has lots of camps/gyms all over the country that can help your training in the sport, You can see for yourself by clicking here

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Is Muay Thai fun for the holidays?

If your holidays are about doing fun physical activities, meditating, or learning a new hobby, then Muay Thai is for you. After one month of training in Muay Thai, here are some reasons why I believe Muay Thai sport is the best holiday activity;

Camps are located in exquisite places

You might expect Muay Thai camps to be located close to noisy/popular areas. However, the best Muay Thai gyms are situated close to a beach, an island, the countryside, hills, and similar landmark areas. The effect is that these areas are therapeutic to the brain and the mind.

Lots of Networks in Muay Thai camps

The thing I find crazy about camp is that there are people from almost all walks of life present at the camp. I even made friends with a Brazilian journalist, a Kenyan zoo-keeper, and an Australian farmer. They also came for the same thing I wanted; to keep fit.

You get the chance to meet new people in camps and can punctuate little chats in between pieces of training.

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A great and fun hobby

Even therapists continue to emphasize the need for people to make new hobbies. It helps the individual to focus, improve analysis, and “visualize new angles.”

Adopting Muay Thai as a new hobby is one of the best decisions you can make this holiday. It is as intriguing as it is tasking and enjoyable. You will surely come out of the holiday learning a lot, especially in self-mastery and self-defense.

Lots of social activities in camps

People mostly visualize camps as a place for “serious business” This is not entirely true for Muay Thai camps. Apart from rigorous pieces of training and meditations, you will also have lots of fun and extra learning activities. For example, I embarked on group trips to the Thai zoos, waterfalls, and other historic sites.

It is a helpful mental and psychological therapy

Think you have had a rough year? Or a rough week? Or even a rough day? Then hit a Muay Thai camp near you. A session in Muay Thai is capable of releasing the anti-stress hormones in the body, which helps you to calm your fears and anxieties.

In Muay Thai training, you will learn how to concentrate and focus firmly on a particular task. Many therapists even recommend physical activities like Muay Thai in freeing the body of stress.

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How is Muay Thai beneficial to the body?

The holidays should not be only about fun and games; in the end, you should be able to gain other things, and Muay Thai can do just that.

It is good for the Cardio-vascular health

Training for Muay Thai keeps the Heart active. Aerobic activities like jogging, running, and other pre-fight preps provide a quality supply of oxygen to the heart. Also, anaerobic activities like; skipping, punching, kicking, wrestling exercises the muscles that enable the heart to pump blood.

It is a great weight-loss activity

Do you think you are over-weight? Try some Muay Thai sessions. Training in Muay Thai improves the metabolic activities of the body, which makes the body burn up stored fats. Engaging in Muay Thai will also help you lose a decent amount of calories and body sugar.

You will get back to your daily life/job looking fit and better than ever before.

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Improves mental focus and creativity

Muay Thai training for fitness or fights are 90% brainwork and 10% limb work. For you to make a successful strike or block, you have to conceive a proper plan in your head and execute, which is similar to the day-to-day tasks/job.

Regular Muay Thai pieces of training can sharpen your minds and help you see better ways of solving a problem.

Improves Bone strength

Regular physical exercise like Muay Thai can improve the strength of your bones, joints, and muscles. During training/fights, you will “test” the strength of your bones through blocking, striking, or balance.

Good bones reduce conditions like osteoporosis and many other bone conditions that come with aging.

Improves body reflexes and coordination

Muay Thai fights/training include knowing when to dodge/block a blow, side-step, or make other acrobatic acts. All these activities improve your body reflexes. Good body reflexes can save you from multiple accidents and aid sharper minds.

Good body coordination will help you prevent conditions like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and co.

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Muay Thai in Thailand

Asides from the “goodies” that Muay Thai brings, it also introduces you to the beautiful Thai culture. Muay Thai has a lot of activities adapted from the Thai culture; the pre-match acts, the attires, respect, and co.

Thailand also hosts the biggest annual Muay Thai festival in the world, which attracts lots of foreigners from all over the world.

Finally, the sport of Muay Thai for fitness is for everyone, young or old, male or female, tall or short, and co.

As I prepare for my departure the next day, I only have that longing for the holidays to be extended. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience; you will also.

The sport of Muay Thai is the best.