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Thailand for Holiday with Muay Thai and Weight Loss Program – 2024 Guide

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Holidays are a great time (the best of all for me), and you should live through the holidays relaxing with things like a new hobby e.g. how to play a musical instrument, learning a sport, going to therapy, and much more.

During the holidays, there is usually much to do in very little time, and one of the hobbies that would benefit you is learning the art of Muay Thai. I know what you might be thinking; but I also had the same reservations some years ago, when a colleague also suggested it to me then, look at me now recommending it to others, how funny.

A little on Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a combat sport, and it involves the use of all the limbs and joints in a series trying to knock down your opponent with brute force. The evolution of the sport from its ancient form as a style of military combat expunges the brutality of the sport.

If at the end of any holiday, you don’t come out relaxed, entertained, and invigorated, I daresay that is no holiday at all, and if you would be kind, permit me to show you a proper way to spend the holidays.

How does practicing Muay Thai equal fun?

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No matter your idea of fun, nothing is more interesting and relaxing than a group activity. In Muay Thai camps, the foreign culture, the social diversity of people in the camp, and the skills of the sport will do more to stimulate endorphins in the brain.

Learn new moves and skills

The different moves and skills in Muay Thai are very sleek and effective that you will have fun trying to replicate them. Although the skills are not too complex, they can be a little difficult for starters to replicate them, and you will have loads of fun trying to do so.

Meet new people from different regions

In my period of learning Muay Thai, I met different people in camps like; a Brazilian journalist, a Jamaican athlete, I even met an ex-marine in camp (seems like he was mostly enjoying the scenery). It is really fun relaxing after training or during breaks, discussing culture, having little chit-chats while making new friends in the process.

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Beautiful Scenery and Camp areas

I doubt it is a coincidence, but most Muay Thai camps (especially those in Thailand) are in beautiful and strategic locations like; on amazing islands or close to a nice beach with the therapeutic effects of the sea breeze and undulating waves. These areas afford you access to maximum and true relaxation.

Everybody can play

Unlike most Martial arts or sports that place limits on the age of the participants, Muay Thai camps are open to people of all ages, gender, or skill level. In my camp, for example, I met people older than me who practice very hard in the sport. So, do not be surprised if you are paired with someone much younger than you (maybe I’m exaggerating here).

Why you should practice Muay Thai during the Holidays

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Apart from being fun, there are many areas that Muay Thai will prove beneficial to you, remember your holiday is not just about fun, you should be able to relax and build your physical health too. Here are other important reasons people practice Muay Thai

Good exercise for your Heart

Having a strong heart will save you a lot of money and health complications by preventing heart diseases. Muay Thai training features lots of Aerobic and anaerobic activities that improve the muscular strength of the heart. Good aerobics, for example, allow the quality supply of oxygen into the body system.

Helps you with weight loss in a practical method

In most Muay Thai camps, you will find people with ‘perfect bodies’, you do not need to worry much; I used to be a little ‘bulky’. Muay Thai training helps you to build your body without much stress, in a month or two; you will start to notice changes in your body structure. The rigorous pieces of training will also rid your body of calories. Your discipline and dedication, however, will determine if and whether you achieve this. Don’t forget to try Muay Thai program.

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It will help you develop your mind

Apart from the meditations and routines, you will practice in camps, the moves and skills of Muay Thai will build your mind and help it adapt to extreme conditions. Also, good judgment in knowing when to strike, to block, and to counter-strike will aid to sharpen the analytical capacity of your mind.

Also, the competition and intensity levels in Muay Thai camp will help you to develop good mental strength and capacity.

Improve your fitness levels

Fitness is an important part of your health, and a good fitness routine is important for healthy living. Most people go to the training camps mostly to improve their fitness levels. The hassles of our work might prevent us from working on our fitness, but the Holiday is a very good time to pick up on this.

Why Thailand is a destination for Foreigners

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Thailand is a country of wonderful practices, beliefs, tourist centers, and much more. They even have wonderful weather and the region is peaceful and hospitable.

The Beautiful Island of Phuket

In Phuket Island, numerous beaches surround the beautiful islands, they have different relaxation spots and modestly-priced hotels. The biggest attraction is not only the hospitality of the people but the importance of that region to the Muay Thai sport. Every year, Phuket Island hosts the great bi-annual Muay Thai fight competitions that draw tourists from around the world.

Also, the island has great and historic Muay Thai camps that still retain the core culture and true spirit of the Muay Thai sport.  A Muay Thai website at Phuket is suwitmuaythai.com and it has a weight loss program in the holiday.

Wrapping up

I hope you enjoy your holidays this year, and that is why I am recommending the country of Thailand. Also keep in mind that apart from being fun, Muay Thai will teach you useful lessons and strategy for life that you will be grateful you learned it.