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2024 Payday Loan Regulations in California

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People around the world are different in many ways. They have different mentalities, habits, religions, traditions, etc. However, that doesn’t mean the world does not have anything in common. Certain problems connect us all, and one of those problems is the lack of cash flow

It is correct that certain countries have advanced economies and better living standards. However, that doesn’t mean that every citizen of the country is a millionaire. An average person in California sometimes struggles to cover all his costs. In most cases, the unexpected expenses mess up the plans that we make. Because of that, people are looking for an alternative that would bring them a solution. 

One alternative is to find another job until you earn the necessary amount of money. However, most people would more likely decide on getting a payday loan. 

It may happen that some people do not know exactly what a payday loan is. Because of that, we would like to provide you with a clear explanation. Some people like to call it deferred deposit or cash advance. All these terms refer to the same thing. When a person decides on that move, he writes a check and gives it to the lender. In exchange, the borrower gets the cash loan for the determined amount. 

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Yet, that doesn’t mean you will get the full amount. For example, if you write a $200 check, that doesn’t mean you will get $200 in cash. There are also certain fees you have to pay. We will explain later how high the fees are and how much money you can borrow in that way. 

There is also another thing that we would like to say. The lender is not going to cash out the check immediately. He will do that until your next payday or up to 31 days. 

Things are not as simple as they seem. California is one of the states with the most strict regulations. That is the reason why all the borrowers as well as the lenders need to know them. After reading our article, we also invite you to check out calpaydayloans.com. It is the website where you can follow the newest updates of loan regulations. You will easily notice that payday loan regulations are changing actively. However, before visiting that website, we recommend you read our analysis first. We prepared a couple of things you should know about payday loan regulations in California. 

Not Everyone Can Become a Payday Lender

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As we said, California is one of the states that comes with the most aggressive rules. That may not be good news for dishonest lenders. However, it is a great opportunity for the honest ones as well as borrowers to remain safe until the end of the process. Keep in mind that many companies offer payday loans online. However, most of the companies do not have an office where you can schedule a meeting face to face. Instead of that, they only operate online and offer you all the services in that way. That is the reason why people need to be extremely careful. 

The online world is full of scams. However, thanks to California laws, things have become much safer. Every lender in the state needs to have a deferred deposit transaction law license. In most cases, the lending companies place it somewhere on their website. If you struggle to find it, that could be a red flag for you. The unlicensed lenders will always try to dodge the financing laws. We are sure your goal is not to participate in that process or become a victim of a scam. 

You Can’t Borrow a Lot of Money

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A payday loan is good for many reasons. However, that doesn’t mean you should use it always. Many people make a common mistake, and that is not only happening with payday loans. For instance, they get a bank loan that they can’t afford to get back in the future. Because of that, they repeat the same method a couple of times while their debt grows and grows. 

That is the reason why we got Civil Code 1789.30. Thanks to that regulation, the amount people can borrow from the lender is limited to $255. The rule counts for all the resistents of California. On the other hand, the same regulation determines the term for an online payday loan. More precisely, the maximum term is 31 days. 

Regulation for the Fees

Of course, the lender doesn’t have the right to establish fees. Certain regulations limited that part as well. The loan company has the right to maximally charge the 10$ of the face amount of the check as a fee. That regulation counts for all the short-term payday loans. 

You Can’t Get Two Loans at Once 

Let’s make this part clear because it is essential for the borrowers as well as future leaders. A lender does not have the right to offer you a new cash advance loan if you haven’t resolved the first one. When you look closer, the law is protecting the borrower in that way. We understand that some people urgently need money. However, borrowing money too much is only going to bring additional problems to your life. 

Keep in mind that these regulations do not come with exceptions. It may happen that the new and previous loans do not exceed the maximal amount. Even if the total money you borrow is less than $255, you still won’t manage to get a new loan if you haven’t solved the previous one. 

One Big Note for All the Borrowers! 

Before we say goodbye to each other, we need to highlight one essential thing. Some lending companies claim they are not headquartered in California. Because of that, all the regulations that we previously mentioned do not count. Some offshore companies will also offer you a payday loan service. In that case, the California regulations won’t be applicable as well. That is the reason we recommend you research the lender before making the final decision. All the information essential for you should be available on the website of the company.