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Elevate Your Smoking Experience: Must-have Glassware And Accessories

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Many people are interested in smoking cannabis, weeds, and other herbs. There are several ways of consumption, but you need special smoking equipment. You must invest in good-quality designer glassware and extra accessories for a better vaping experience.

Before you start consuming weed, you need to know more about the right glassware and related accessories. You need to collect various smoking glassware within your budget and fill it up with your favorite herb. When you heat the ingredients, it releases the smoke that you can inhale.

For elevating your smoking experience, you can check out the list of amazing glassware and accessories. You can decide whether you should buy them to smoke herbs adequately.

Stash Jar

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It is an ideal vessel for storing cannabis buds. It keeps the flowers dry so that you can use them for several months. When you keep the buds dry, their flavor and taste remain the same. Many people prefer to buy long jars or use plastic bags for cannabis storage.

But it cannot prevent moisture which makes the ingredients wet. Investing in a stash jar, which comes in dark-tinted glass, is better. It helps in preventing light exposure due to the dark jar color and resists moisture due to the air-tight lid. You can find a variety of stash jars divided into various sections.

Oil Infuser

Many smokers prefer to prepare edibles in their kitchen by stirring the pot and infusing it with oil or butter. It is important to heat the cannabis flowers to activate the THC level. It is done before infusing any type of oil or glycerine.

You can buy an automatic infuser which is quite simple to clean. You can use the setup as per the instruction. It is dishwasher-safe and can be cleaned thoroughly. You can infuse the edibles according to taste.


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You can invest in a fancy lighter to light up the weed glassware. The lighter is available in different art pieces or designs. You can get a refillable lighter to refill butane whenever you need it. You can get lighters in different sizes.

If you are not interested in igniting weed, you can keep the art piece as decoration. It looks classy and appealing if you decorate your living room with this item. This piece can be used in many ways, and you can invest in it as per your choice.

Herb Grinder

Many smokers love to smoke dry herbs, but crushing or grinding them well is necessary. You can do it by several DIY methods or buy the herb grinder. You can add this accessory to the vaping kit and use it only for grinding the herbs.

It consists of stainless blades that finely grind the cannabis flowers. You need to use batteries to operate the device. Whenever you carry it in your kit, make sure you have batteries too. This device is not used if you forget to put on the batteries. It is a compact and portable device that you can take anywhere and enjoy smoking everywhere.


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If you want to smoke cannabis, it is necessary to own vaporizer glassware. Different types of glassware are available, like bongs, pipes, bubblers, etc. These devices come in special designs. The main components of the device are the herb storage bowl, stem, water chamber, etc. This device is made with high-quality glass, which is simple to clean and maintain.

You can put the crushed herb, heat the ingredients, filter the smoke, and inhale it. You can control the temperature as per your taste and smoking preference. You can smoke with your friends if you have a big-sized desktop vaporizer. It is good to change the vaping mouthpieces to maintain hygiene. You can install the device and enjoy smoking with everyone.


Sometimes, you do not find a high-quality herb grinder, but you can also use a shredder in its place. It works the same, but it is made with aluminum. It is well-finished to make it scratch-resistant. This device comes in a three-piece design containing sharp teeth for weed shredding effectively.

It has a magnetic lid to seal the container tightly and dry your herbs. You can take this device anywhere and use it whenever required.

Joint Holder

Sometimes, it is difficult to hold fragile joint equipment, and buying a holder for safe handling is better. Not everyone prefers to invest in such a thing. But if your vaping pipe is expensive, you must prefer buying a holder.

It helps in holding the joint device tightly. Your device will last longer, and you can use it for years. Generally, the holder is made with aluminum, and hence, it is durable. It will keep the weed safe and dry by preventing moisture.

Rolling Paper

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You can make a personalized joint by wrapping the finely crushed herbs in good-quality rolling paper. Your smoking experience will elevate when you try high-quality rolling papers. These papers are available at different prices; you can buy them per your budget.

Adding this item to your kit is crucial for a better smoking experience. You can easily get various rolling papers that match your taste well.

Final Thoughts

For smokers, adding various accessories and glassware to their kit is important for a better smoking experience. After checking out the list, you can invest in these devices and prepare an appealing kit. You can find these gadgets at different prices and buy them as per your budget. It is better to keep experimenting and try out new accessories.

Some of them will blow your mind and give you an amazing smoking experience. If you want to try new items, you can pick from the mentioned ones.

You can share it with your friends and smoke with them. You will surely get an elevated experience while smoking weed or other cannabis products. These must-haves are worth trying for everyone who wants to try smoking weed or is already an expert.