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Top Reasons Why You Should Turn On Solar Energy If You Live In California?

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There is a reason why the Great State of California is called The Golden State. If you’ve ever been to California, you will instantly notice the amount of sunshine. And if sunshine is anything to go buy, then that means that solar energy is a real possibility if you live in California.

This article will focus on the fundamental things that should persuade you to go solar if you live in California. We will give out tips and advice as to why going solar is more beneficial to you if you live in The Golden State.

1. Saves You Money

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If there is anything that solar energy does, is that it saves you a lot of money throughout the year. The case is especially true if you live in California. Solar energy is heavily used by Californians recently, and a good portion of it is because it’s a cost-effective method of using energy resources. Solar energy is produced from the Sun and as you all know, the sun is a natural resource that should be used more. Instead of draining our lakes and rivers, why not utilize something that is eternal? The only costs of solar energy are the solar panels, batteries, and the cost for installation. After that, everything is a bonus because California has more than 200+ days of sunshine yearly.

2. You Help Create Jobs

According to clean-energy-ideas.com, another advantage of going solar is the fact that you help create jobs for your fellow Californians. Multiple economics and business studies including one from The Solar Foundation have found that the solar industry has increased by a whopping 15 times since 2015. That is 15 times more than the overall economy of The Golden State. And the best thing yet, it isn’t planning on going anytime soon. Quite the contrary, the solar industry was worth $156 billion in 2016, and it is predicted to hit double at $300 billion by 2024. Those numbers are quite impressive for an industry that isn’t “accepted” throughout the United States. There is huge potential to going solar, and one of the key benefits is that it creates a lot of jobs.

3. Eco-Friendliness

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We mentioned how solar energy is produced from the sun. Well, solar energy is also eco-friendly because it uses the sun, rather than oil, coal, or gasoline. As you all know, coal, gasoline, and oil emit harmful gasses that further damage our atmosphere and contribute to global warming. On the other hand, solar energy is one of, if not, the cleanest forms of energy out there. Residential homes can do the environment a whole lot if they switch to solar as their primary source of energy.

As the world looks for ways to generate electricity with less environmental impact, solar farms are becoming an increasingly popular option, and if you’ve been moved from California to Texas, Pulse Power is leading the way, with some of the best Pulse Power rates for solar power in Texas.

4. Increases Property Value

As more and more Californians transition to solar energy, new homes are quickly realizing that solar panels add tremendous value to a property. As a matter of fact, homes in California that have integrated solar technologies tend to sell faster and at a higher price than those that don’t. As the solar industry market keeps rising, solar energy becomes more and more wanted by Californians. And as the need for solar energy increases, your property value increases along with it.