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4 Trends That Will Rule the Adult Entertainment Industry in 2024

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The adult industry is a fascinating one, it moves and changes along with us, it moves forward with tech, it is always there and always better for some reason.

The adult entertainment industry is huge and there is no doubt about that. It is constantly growing and it will constantly grow because it is based on one of the oldest crafts known to men. What is more interesting to us at least, is the fact that it is constantly changing, it never sleeps, it never snoozes it is always on a hunt for better things, for improvements, for new things audiences will love.

The adult entertainment industry consists of sex rights, and sex has many forms and shapes so far. The industry is big because we are not only talking about adult videos, we are talking about sex toys sex aids and sex medication. This is where the trends are formed and we will try and show you some of the trends that ruled the industry this year. If you want to see for yourself try some of the TopPornSites.net and see if and how much we are wrong.

Trends are good and they have been good for this industry as well starting from quality improvements to fulfilling wishes and fantasies. Let’s check a few that marked the year 2024.

1. Video quality

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Whenever somebody mentions the adult industry we instantly think about porn sites right?! Well, the fact is that most of you are right because this port of the industry is its biggest segment and the one that rakes up the most profit. What is interesting is that it couldn’t be where it is if the industry didn’t follow technology in filmmaking. What we are talking about are the directing tips and tricks that add to the videos that they come up with and the technology in cameras, post productions, sounds and whatnot.

The biggest and most groundbreaking thing we had from them is the increase in video quality and the speeds that we could stream them. Most of us are watching adult movies for a lot of different reasons but very few of us utilize what those movies offer from 4K video quality to excellent sounds and lighting. The biggest improvement is probably the video quality that has swiftly gone up in resolution as soon as the technology was available and this is another reason why this industry is so successful.

2. Realism

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The adult industry is truly setting trends that are defining certain segments of both their and our lives. With the improvements in video quality, this industry also utilized one more thing and made it a trend – Virtual Reality. Sex sell but only if you constantly find new things to interest the broad masses. I mean, we are already interested but you have to find something to have them all keep coming back and screaming for more. With the advances in VR technology, we also saw a huge shift in the adult video industry where you all of a sudden had a lot of categories that were POV and ASMR sort of type.

This was the prequel to the full utilization of the VR tech where in just a bit we might have a full emersion and realism which will change this industry for good. Imagine a scene from any futuristic movie where our main actor slaps on a headset and all of a sudden he has his Virtual girl touching him, speaking to him, massaging him and he can see, feel and experience all of it for real. We are looking forward to a future like this, at least when it comes to the adult industry.

3. Sex toys

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Sex toys are another huge part of the adult industry and these have come a long time from what they have begun with. The first sex toy was simple, efficient and it got the job done. Years later you have sex toys that can do much more than that. They still do the job only better, more personalized and more efficiently. To clarify, sex toys have started with manual usage and over time and thanks to technology we have gone to wired electronic systems and now to wireless systems that are supposed to satisfy your desires and allow you a release even better and most importantly almost anywhere.

Sex toys have progressed so far that we can now have a certain part of any of our favourite porn stars with a real feel to the touch. For that matter, we can have an entire sex doll with almost real skin to the touch, with moveable parts, with pretty much anything that you can think of. Adult toys have come a long way and the most important thing about them is the fact that they are constantly coming up with new things and more personalized toys. This is what sells them so much, we can buy something regular like anyone other, but toys that you order, design, cast from a certain body part can be ordered and bought as well. I’m telling you this industry is smart and it will keep ongoing.

4. Huge changes

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The last trend that will keep on beyond this year, as well as everything we already mentioned, is the fact that the overall quality of videos from a directing standpoint is getting better. Why? Well, the truth is that these types of videos needed a female touch. Yes, you read right. Last few years we saw more and more female producers jumping into the industry and making adult movies that bring the entire thing to another level. This is what brings quality in the story side, producing side and this is what amps up the entire experience.

This industry was traditionally being one-sided and all adult video producers were males. The role of a female was rarely advisory about certain scenes, moves, etc., and primarily in front of the cameras. As these things changed the industry leapt forwards once again and it developed a somewhat new and better taste to it. Although predominantly male-producer only industry, we see a hard shift toward equality and it has been an awesome thing that made it even better. This is the industry that doesn’t fear changes and that thrives more and more with every change they make.