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What California is Best Known for?

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The 39.6 million people living in California make this state the most populous state in the U.S. Two most populated cities are Los Angeles and San Francisco, while the capital is Sacramento. Besides being one of the leaders when it comes to the economy, California has a very important role when it comes to cultural and urban life. Often it is said that this state is a trendsetter of global proportions. Furthermore, California is famous for migrations and cultural diversion and therefore many languages, cuisines, and traditions can be seen there. Also, when it comes to politics, innovation, environmentalism, and popular culture, California seems to be highly ranked. It is believed that the American film industry began and developed in California. Moreover, it is the origin of things like fast food beach, car culture, the Internet, and hippie counterculture.

People from all around the world on a daily basis get inspired and fascinated by this famous state. Even though the beauty of California’s landmarks seems indescribable, the following list aims at listing 10 best landmarks of California.

1. Hollywood

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Located in the central region of Los Angeles, this neighborhood includes several historic studios significant for the American film industry. Ever since the 20th century, this film industry has had a major impact on the lives of many people around the world. Hollywood is considered to be the oldest film industry, as well as the place where numerous genres, such as comedy, musical romance, horror and science fiction, originated. Besides producing movies in the English language, Hollywood is considered to be an international movie producer, since it, among others, produces movies in French and Spanish.         The famous Hollywood sign is a landmark recognizable everywhere. This 13.7-meter sign overlooks the entire neighborhood. Originally, this sign was created in 1923 and spelled as Hollywoodland. However, in 1978 it was redecorated and it got the look for which it is known today. Throughout the year so many tourists and sightseers come to Los Angeles to visit this sign that some experts expressed concern for the neighboring area. The popularity of the Hollywood sign is not likely to stop anytime soon since the number of tourists coming here to take pictures in front of it only gets bigger.

2. The Golden Gate Bridge

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One of the most recognizable signs of San Francisco is the Golden Gate Bridge. Furthermore, the American Society of Civil Engineers declared it as one of the Wonders of the Modern World. It has many titles, one of them being the most beautiful and photographed bridge in the world. Opened in 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge is considered to be the tallest and longest suspension bridge in the world. It is 1,280 meters long and its height goes up to the 227 meters. Extremely popular among the tourists, this bridge is an inevitable destination while visiting California. Not only does it serve as a landmark of San Francisco and California, but it is also considered to be the symbol of America, due to the fact that it is internationally famous.

3. Lake Tahoe

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The Lake Tahoe is a very popular destination, especially among hikers and skiers. The breathtaking nature surrounding this lake is one of the reasons why it is popular throughout the whole year. However, it seems that this place is mostly visited during the winter since countless amounts of people go there in the search for the perfect ski route. Also, according to the people who visit this lake, skiing is even more comfortable because of the amazing snow conditions. On the other side, even those who do not like to ski find this place one of California’s best offers, due to the peaceful atmosphere it has.

4. Death Valley

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Considered to be one of the hottest places in the world, Death Valley is located in Eastern California. The highest temperature at the surface of Earth (134 °F, or 56.7 °C) was recorded in this dessert by the United States Weather Bureau on July 10th 1913. Furthermore, Death Valley is the largest National Park in the United States, outside Alaska. It is stated that almost 1000 miles of both dirt and paved roads lead to popular destinations in this area. The wonders of nature the visitors can see in the Death Valley include winding and deep canyons, impressive mountain tops, and rolling sand dunes. By the experience of many tourists, visiting this national park leaves people breathless and fascinated. More importantly, with the guidance of the people in charge, going there is completely safe and secure.

5. SeaWorld San Diego

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This animal theme park is located in San Diego. It has a long tradition of 55 years, and it is opened throughout the whole year. It is estimated that more than 4 million people visit it on an annual level, which contributes to the fact that SeaWorld San Diego is one of the main attractions in California. It provides its visitors with an insight into the animal world through many exhibits. In other words, numerous animals, like dolphins and killer whales, can be seen in this park.

6. Disneyland Park

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This park is the only theme park which was designed directly under Walt Disney. It was opened in 1955, and it hasn’t ceased to bring joy to children and adults ever since. Disneyland has received many visits throughout the years, which made it the second most visited park of this type in the world. The themes of this park include fairy tales and well-known Disney characters. It consists of 9 areas, or “lands” – Main Street, U.S.A, Critter Country, Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, New Orleans Square, Mickey’s Toontown, and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Moreover, one of the greatest tourist attractions is Disney characters which provide visitors with live entertainment. In other words, these characters walk around the park, interact with children, and pose for photos. Even though some characters are expected to appear within specific areas, it is not uncommon to see a Disney character appear in anywhere in the whole park. For many years, the visitors of Disneyland have been greeted by numerous characters, such as Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland, Mickey and Minnie, Cinderella, etc. Known as the world of dreams and imagination, Disneyland has occupied a special place in the hearts of its visitors, and it continues to do so, by being one of the most visited places in the whole California.

7. Beaches

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California is well-known for the beauty of its beaches. Some of these beaches are state-owned, while others are private. These beaches have been a tourist attraction for every type of tourist – those who enjoy sunbathing, relaxing by the water, as well as swimming, as well as those who are fascinated by the wonders of nature. Some of the most visited beaches include Laguna Beach, which is known for the clean and calm water, and volleyball matches on the sand, Hermosa Beach, famous for the outdoor activities such as surfing and swimming, and La Jolla Beach, said to be one of the smallest, yet most photographed beach, remarkable for its beautiful scenery.

8. Surfing

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One of the most popular sports in California is by all means – surfing. Thanks to the existence of many beaches, this sport gets more popular by the day. One of the greatest challenges for all surfers are the massive waves, characteristic for many Californian beaches. Also, there are numerous water-sporting events, such as the National Scholastic Surfing Association Nationals, which are hosted at the beaches of California. Therefore, if you enjoy surfing, whether as a surfer or only as a supporter of this water sport, California will fulfill your expectations.

9. Wine

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If somebody tells you that almost 90% of the wine production in the U.S. is produced by California – they are right. The wine production in this state started in the 18th century and has remained one of the best-developed industries in California. California’s wine regions are divided into a total of 4 regions: North Coast, South Coast, Central Coast, and Central Valley. The interesting fact when it comes to wine production in California is that it produces more wine than the majority of other countries in the world.

10. Redwood Trees

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The trees found in California are often mentioned along with the attributes like massive, the tallest and biggest. And indeed, these trees are the most massive tree species on Earth, which live approximately from 1,200 to 1,800 years. With such an impressive lifespan, they are classified as one of the oldest living things on Earth. These trees can reach the height of 115.5 meters. Also, they are part of The Redwood National and State Parks, which provide their visitors with an astonishing experience on tours in areas where the Earth’s oldest trees grow. Whether you are fascinated by nature or not, these trees will leave you completely speechless.