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What Fruits is California Known for?

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California is the most agriculturally diverse state in the whole of the USA, and it produces more than 400 different commodities. Back in 2015, their agriculture contributed more than $47 billion to the economy of America. The agricultural abundance of California produces nearly half of all fruits, nuts, and vegetables grown inside the borders of the USA. In this article, we will check out the fruit California is famous for, and learn how much of it the overall percentage in America is.


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California is famous around the world for its grapes and wines. Table grapes are those that you eat on their own or mixed in fruit salads, while wine grapes are used for making wine of course. In 2015, the grape growers in California set a record, and harvested their third largest crop ever, which was valued at $1.83 billion. This western state has around 475 table grape farms, which produce around 99 percent of all the table grapes in the USA. On the other hand, Napa Valley in California alone has the highest concentration of wineries in the world, over 200 and still counting.


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The strawberries of Californian provided around $1.86 billion to the economy back in 2015, and the Sunshine State is the leading strawberry producer in the nation with 88 percent of both fresh and frozen supplies of this tasty little fruit. The crop is also the fifth most valuable crop that California grows, and it is planted on an area of nearly 40,000 acres.


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There are north of 4,000 walnut growers in California, most of whom are spread across the Central Valley. The walnut industry in the state generates $1.4 billion each year and provides 60,000 direct and indirect jobs. What is more, California produces 99 percent of all walnuts used in the USA, and they are the third largest export of California, valued at $1.49 billion during 2015.


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The almonds from Cali were worth an amazing $5.3 billion in 2015. These are grown mostly in the Central Valley, and they take the number two spot on the list of top crops in this state. This industry provides tons of jobs for Californians, some 104,000 across the state. In 2015, this crop actually was the number one export for California and brought in $5.14 billion.


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California is the second largest exporter of apples in the whole of the United States, and they grow all sorts of this famous fruit.


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More than 95 percent of all the apricots that are grown in the USA comes from California.


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The Sunshine State amazingly produces 100 percent of the artichokes in the USA, meaning they are not grown anywhere else. This makes the state crucial for the distribution of this plant on American soil as well.


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Cali also grows 90% of the avocado crops inside the borders of America. However, Americans love this fruit so much, that they actually import most of it from Mexico. The reason for this is that the crops in California are not enough.


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When it comes to cantaloupe, California produces some 75 percent of all cantaloupes in the nation.


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California grows almost all of the dates in America, as they are responsible for 99 percent of it in the USA.


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Exactly 100 percent of dried figs, as well as 98 percent of fresh figs,  come to the USA from California.


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Around 98 percent of the kiwi grown inside the United States comes straight from California.


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Approximately 95 percent of nectarines in the United States of America are grown inside the borders of California.


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Compared to the rest of the list, the fact that California grows 65 percent of all the peaches in the USA seems not that great. Actually, it still is.


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Almost all of the plums in America are produced and distributed from Cali, as they are responsible for some 97 percent of this fruit.


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California produces 99 percent of this interesting fruit in the United States, meaning the one you got in a store recently is probably from Cali.

Citrus Fruits

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As we said, California grows a lot of citrus fruits. Today, the state has a $1 billion annual citrus business, which ranks second in the country. They produce a significant portion of oranges, navels, valencias, lemons, grapefruit, and tangerines. It is the largest supplier of lemons in the USA, with more than 92 percent of it produced for the country.