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Benefits of Yoga and Medical Treatments for Minor Car Accident Injuries

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Car accidents are dreaded for being physically and emotionally traumatizing. Regardless of the fact that a car accident is the least favorite thing in everyone’s dictionary, they are becoming quite common. Many people face minor to major accidents and the figure has increased to millions in the past few years.

Are minor accidents equally dangerous?

Even though minor accidents do not look as severe as the major accidents, you might develop certain injuries that can affect your health in the longer run. Therefore, it is extremely important to visit the car accident clinic to get proper treatment for small-scale accidents as well. For more details visit www.chiropractoratlanta.com

Many people who feel that since they have no visible injuries, they don’t have to visit the doctor are extremely misunderstood in this regard. Many of the injuries are internal and they involve the rip and tear of soft tissues in the body. The symptoms of these might start appearing after a few days so it’s best you take notice as soon as you are free from giving your notice to the police.

When a car accident occurs, liability needs to be established in order for any claims involving personal injury or property damage to be resolved. Without proper legal representation, an insurance company might attempt to offer an amount that does not reflect the full amount of damages caused by the accident.

In many cases, even after hiring an attorney and going through negotiations with an insurance company, litigation may still be necessary in order for a resolution to be achieved. Having an experienced lawyer on your side like Atlanta car accident lawyer can help ensure that you get the full compensation you deserve while helping protect your best interests.

Physical Concerns and Issues after Car Accidents

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After a car crash, it is important that you let your doctor evaluate two different regions of the body. The regions including are mentioned as:

  1. Muscular Region
  2. Skeletal Region

● Muscular Region

The body goes through an immense amount of trauma during a car accident. The sudden jerks and motions cause the muscles to strain way past their normal capacity. This means that the ripping of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and soft tissues is quite common.

Overall, we can say that the effect of car accidents on your muscles can be quite significant and would require immediate attention.

● Skeletal Region

The most severe accidents can cause skeletal injuries. This mostly happens when the body collides with certain objects and when the muscular region is stretched apart from its normal range they can also pull at the skeletal region of the body. This can cause complications as well as chronic conditions with long-term health problems.

Medical Treatment after Car Accident

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If you are severely injured at a capacity where your body is unable to move, the ambulance and medical services will probably take you. But, what if there are no visible injuries and you seem perfectly fine? In that scenario, it is extremely important that you seek medical attention almost immediately.

Even if there are no visible injuries, you must visit the doctor to confirm that the internals is also as safe as the external.

Doctor Evaluation for Proper Diagnosis

This is why visiting your car accident clinicis extremely important. Your doctor will make sure that you are provided with the best treatment and for that, he will evaluate your current condition with a number of tests. Usually, a test comprises of two components:

  1. Physical Evaluation
  2. Imaging

Physical Evaluation

A physical evaluation involves:

  • Checking the range of motion in your arms, neck, and feet and comparing it with the normal range of motion.
  • Evaluating the patient’s walking pattern.
  • Asking for headaches and areas with severe pain.
  • Evaluating changes in eyesight and focus.
  • Considering the eating and sleeping patterns in the patient.
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Thanks to technology, the doctors are now able to understand the patient fully from the inside by conducting imaging tests. The most common form of imaging tests includes:

  • X-rays
  • CT-Scan
  • MRI

After all, the evaluation has been done and there is nothing that you can do apart from waiting and obeying the doctor, you can include a few healthy lifestyle options in your routine that will allow you to recover much quicker and develop the lost strength again.

Yoga is the KEY!

While many people may find yoga a habit that is hard to accept, there are proven benefits of yoga exercise that will make you feel accomplished and healthy once again.

When to start yoga after an accident?

If you want to start yoga at your utmost convenience after an accident, the best time to start is after 2 weeks of rest. Starting off immediately might cause the pain to worsen therefore, it is important that you give your body a substantial healing period.

Yoga Poses That Help Recover Faster

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Downward Dog

You can effectively perform the downward-facing dog with the following steps:

  • Start off by getting on all fours.
  • Raise the spine while straightening the elbows and knees.
  • Move the feet a bit out and press them on the floor.
  • Maintain your posture by aligning your neck and spine and hold the position for five seconds.
  • Repeat five to seven times.

Cat and Cow

  • Get on all fours by keeping your knees 12-inches apart from each other.
  • Look upwards and arch the back downwards at the same time.
  • Then look downwards towards the thighs while arching the back upwards until you feel a pull.
  • Repeat the motion five to seven times.
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Child Pose

Child pose will focus on stretching the neck and spine at the same time. Here’s how to perform a perfect Child’s pose:

  • Sit on feet and fold the knees behind at a distance that they are aligned with the hips.
  • Raise both hands above the head in a prayer position.
  • Lean forward and rest your torso on the thighs until you feel a stretch.
  • Extend the neck gently while maintaining the position and hold for 15 seconds.
  • Repeat five to seven times.


  • Lie on your back flat with your arms in Y formation around your sides and the top of your head.
  • Your legs should be straight.
  • Begin by extending your neck and gradually rotating your head back and forth.
  • This move can be repeated for up to ten to fifteen times.

After a car crash, you may not be able to perform household tasks, hobbies, or enjoy moments with your partner because of your injury. This evidence can show how your pain and suffering from a car accident has impacted your quality of life.


Accidents are quite common but seeking proper medical treatment and care is important. Yoga is one of the most effective things that you can add to your regular routine to regain the health and strength that was lost during the accident. Many people perform a variety of movements to treat their affected muscles and become flexible.