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Are There Any Differences between CBD Oil for Pets and Human – 2024 Tips

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Recently, no substance seems to have caused as much attention and controversy as cannabidiol (CBD). Since it comes from the cannabis plant, people, in the beginning, have a dose of caution and fear. What will happen if they, for medical purposes, consume something that may have something to do with opiates? Or if they give CBD to their pets? Will they be high?

To these and similar questions, people generally seek answers on web sources like www.petcbdcommunity.com. Countless studies have proven that CBD oil is entirely safe for human consumption. Also, it’s very effective in treating the symptoms of many diseases. The administration of this natural preparation significantly increased the success of conventional treatments.

Your furry buddy also has an endocannabinoid system, as do you. This complex mechanism is in charge of many vital functions in your body. Among other things, it preserves the proper immunity response, acts on pain, mood, and so on. These receptors are everywhere, and they are bounding to substances secreted by the body that resemble cannabinoids. That is why CBD is a natural alternative to the lack of matters produced inside the body.

A large number of hemp-based products can be found on the market. These are for different purposes and with varying concentrations of cannabidiol. The CBD found in all these products is the same. But there are some differences in the preparations consumed by humans and those intended for their pets.

Presence of THC

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What makes cannabis psychoactive (and ill repute) is a substance called THC. Both THC and CBD are cannabinoids. They have similar composition but different effects. Unlike THC, CBD does not affect the change of consciousness; i.e., it has no psychoactive effect. It triggers completely different mechanisms in the brain of the user. Cannabidiol has a positive impact on health and does not make consumers high.

That is good to know because people have a certain tolerance for THC. When used correctly, this cannabinoid has a very potent positive health effect. THC is often found in CBD products for human consumption but in minimal quantities. Full-spectrum oils contain up to 0.3% of THC. Manufacturers must state this information on their products.

But THC can be dangerous to animals. CBD oils and other hemp-based products for pets must not contain THC. This component would produce the same ‘high’ effect as in humans. But, unlike people who may enjoy the feeling, cats and dogs can experience harsh side effects. Your pet can experience ‘marijuana poisoning’ if they take THC.


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Another difference between the pet and human products is the aromas. CBD oils for humans do not contain any extra flavors. In animal products, manufacturers add things like fish oil, bacon flavor, etc. These do not affect the medicinal properties of cannabidiol, but only make the oil more palatable for animals.

Dosage Differences

The cannabidiol dosing is generally done according to weight and health conditions. It is clear at the outset that animals need lower doses of cannabidiol than you do. Also, concentrations of cannabidiol in human and pet CBD oils can vary.

There are many different guidelines on how to dose cannabidiol to pets. If CBD oil is used for general well-being or for dealing with separation anxiety, cats and dogs need the smallest lot of cannabidiol. Any serious problem requires a more potent dosage, which must be carefully determined.

Calculate the Dosage

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Lots for animals generally range from 0.1 mg of cannabidiol per pound of weight up to 5mg per pound. In the event of severe pain or inflammation, you can give your pet an even higher dose. But do this only after you talk to your vet.

In order to calculate how much oil your pet should take, you must know the product formula. It is the potency, that is, the amount of cannabidiol in the entire bottle. Most often, it ranges from 75 to 600mg (higher concentration is more convenient for use in larger animals).

Then you can calculate how many milligrams of cannabidiol is in one milliliter of oil. Divide the potency number by the amount of oil into the bottle. Most manufacturers will state on the pack how many drops of content are in the dropper. Based on this, you will know how much drops to give to your dog or cat. Most oils contain a milliliter dropper for easy dosing.

The conclusion is that what is good for humans is also suitable for animals. Of course, these claims are scientifically verified. The use of human CBD oil in animals is safe (vice versa is theoretically possible but not recommended). But it’s always a better solution to use pet-intended products for your cats and dogs.

Why Would You Give CBD Oil to Your Pet?

Knowing the main differences between CBD oil for pets and humans is a useful piece of info. However, the main question is – why would someone give CBD oil to his pet? Indeed, people that are unfamiliar with this subject deserve to get an explanation.

By basic Google research, you will have the chance to read various things. You will find different blogs that are offering different ingredients good for your pet. Some of them truly can bring some positive effects. However, that doesn’t mean that all of them are good.

Despite that, we also do not want to say that CBD oil is magical. It won’t solve every health problem that your pet has. Yet, there are several different benefits that CBD oil can bring. Every pet owner should know them.

Let’s find them out together.

It Has Painkilling Effect

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How many times have you seen your pet acting strange? It doesn’t have the energy to move its body from one room to another. People get confused when something like this happens. In most cases, there is something that hurts your pet. Logically, you will have to take your dog to a veterinarian. Yet, if you see that your dog is struggling a lot with some sort of pain, it would be good to give him CBD oil.

Thanks to its’ properties, CBD is proven to be a painkiller as well. However, that is not it. CBD oil also has an anti-inflammatory effect. When the inflammation is reduced by conditions like arthritis, the pain symptoms that were caused by that condition will reduce. In this way, your puppy or kitty won’t struggle with the pain any longer.

It Reduces Stress and Anxiety

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The good thing about CBD products is that they also deal with psychological problems. Thanks to the properties that CBD contains, the CBD oil can manage different mental conditions. This includes anxiety and stress as well.

This can be a good thing to use around the New Year. There is a lot of firework in that period of the year. You know very well how pets are afraid of these things. A lot of noise is unexplainable for them. By giving them CBD oil, you can keep them calm until the holiday pass.

Still, noise anxiety is not the only type of mental problem that pets can have. The anxiety itself can come in different forms. For instance, this includes separation anxiety, travel anxiety, and some sorts of phobias. Imagine that you want to travel somewhere.

There is no one else who can take care of your pet. Because of that, you need to bring it together with you. However, what is going to happen if your dog is afraid of cars? Will you manage to convince him to get in? Even if you succeed to do that, will your pet stay calm until you come to the desired destination? This is one of the common problems that happen to people. You now see that solution for something like this does exist.


Before we say goodbye, we need to say one more thing. CBD oil surely brings some benefits. However, be aware of the differences between CBD oil for humans and pets. The effect of this product won’t be perfect if you do not give it to your pet in the right way.