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CBD Oil vs. Copaiba Oil 2024 – The Battle of Natural Supplements

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As you probably are heard by now, CBD oil has become a huge hit throughout the world in the last couple of years. The reason for its popularity is countless benefits that are providing its users with. For example, many people use it on a regular basis to battle insomnia. We can surely say that quite a high number of us are using it because of its therapeutic attributes.

The CBD oil is made by the extraction of cannabidiol from cannabis. Also, it is important to know that CBD oil doesn’t have THC among its ingredients. This is the reason it doesn’t produce any ‘high’ effect that is common among cannabis smokers. Furthermore, CBD oil can help people who are struggling with anxiety and stress. If you are interested in reading a little bit more about it, you should check shopcbd.

Recently, another oil that attracted so much attention from a lot of people from all over the world. We are talking about Copaiba oil. We can say with the utmost certainty that this is a new massive name among herbal and alternative medicines. You are probably asking yourselves what is this oil, and what does it do. For centuries, Copaiba oil has been used in South American traditional medicine.

It is produced by extracting the thick brown resin of the Amazon Copaifera tree. It is safe to say that this oil is pretty similar to CBD oil. Even though it became popular in the last couple of years, we can say that the knowledge about its benefits and its existence is not new at all. According to several types of researches, these two oils have pretty similar benefits for its users. Furthermore, it looks like they have a similar influence on human physiology.

Now, we are going to do a comparison between these two oils. But before that, because we believe you are familiar with the benefits of CBD oil, we are going to talk about the benefits of Copaiba oil.

Medical Benefits of Copaiba Oil

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Very powerful ingredients of this oil, mainly terpenes, have been found to have very strong medical benefits to humans. You should avoid consuming it in large amounts in order to prevent dysentery and stomach ache. Dysentery caused by the overuse of Copaiba oil can cause symptoms that are similar to food poisoning. When it comes to allergic reactions, no cases have been conveyed so far. Now, we are going to talk about its medical benefits.


As we said, Copaiba oil has been used for centuries in native South American population because of its wide array of benefits. This tradition is continuing even today, especially in traditional Brazilian medicine. In this country, it is known for its antiseptic properties. This is the reason it is used for curing wounds and cuts. It is pretty effective in curing wounds because of one ingredient called BCP. This is one of many terpenes that we’ve mentioned earlier.

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Lung Health

The other medical benefits this oil is famous for the improvement lung health. If inhaled, it can help the cleanse lungs and sinuses of various infections. Men from the region of South America have been using it for centuries. Today, it is used for the treatment of patients who suffer from lung cancer.

Liver Tissue

As we all know, some regular medicines like paracetamol can do damage to our liver tissue. Copaiba oil, when used orally, especially if you mix it with honey or coconut oil can prevent the damage done by the medications

The Differences

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Now, we are going to talk about the differences between CBD and Copaiba oils. Even though they are somewhat similar, there is a lot that needs to be discussed about their differences.


As you know, CBD oil can be extracted from cannabis or from hemp. If we talk about full-spectrum oil, it can contain flavonoids, terpenes, and many other components. Naturally, the most important of all of them is cannabidiol. If THC levels are below 0.3 you will not have a ‘high effect’ typical for this component.

When it comes to Copaiba oil, it is extracted from the Copaifera tree. After then, it is steam-distilled as it is the case with various other oils. After the extraction, it is ready for use. Different from cannabis oil, Copaiba oil is an essential oil.


CBD oil that has more than 0.3% of THC inside is considered illegal. This is much different from Copaiba, which doesn’t have any prohibited substances inside it. Therefore, it is completely legal.

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The benefits of CBD oil have been known to medicine for quite some time now. The reason is that we have a lot of researches that proved its benefits to human health. They have been established, especially in the last couple of years. When it comes to the Copaiba oil, even though it has been used in traditional medicine for so long, all of the benefits are not discovered by modern medicine since there are not so many researches that can support all of the claims.

Risks and Safety

After the consumption of CBD oil, there are some risks of being positive on a drug test. This makes perfect sense due to the nature of the plant from which this oil is extracted from. When it comes to similar risks from using Copaiba, thankfully, there are none of them. So, there are no risks like these from using this oil.

CBD has the “knack” for interacting with many different pharmaceutical drugs since both of them require the same type of liver enzymes in order to metabolize. This cannot be said for Copaiba since there are no researches that can confirm this claim. As we stated earlier, Copaiba needs to be used only in smaller doses in order to prevent unwanted effects.