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How to Care for Natural Hair Extensions Clip In

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Having a basic knowledge of natural clip in care will improve the durability of your tresses. Various weaves have care routines specific to them. Caring for your wefts makes them more beautiful while enhancing their features of unique qualities.

The Importance of Natural Clip In Care

Natural clip in care is necessary to increase the durability of your locks and improve the texture. Some of these wefts do not need care because they are high-quality wefts. The latter is untrue. Ignoring your weaves will only cause damage.

One of the features of natural hair extensions clip in is its ability to mimic human tresses. Its source ensures its cuticles are intact. Due to the latter, these weaves hardly have tangles or knots. However, a lack of proper care can ruin the cuticles. These tresses are expensive. Ruining them will be a waste.

Natural Clip In Care – What to Know

There are certain things to consider for a natural clip in care routine. These details play a role in elongating the life span of your extensions.

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Washing your wefts go beyond spritzing them with water or soaking them in shampoo. The first thing to look out for when washing weaves is the product. Products with sulfates and parabens are good cleansers. However, they strip the tresses of their luster, leaving the hair feeling dry and frizzy.

Before you wash your strands, try soaking them in lukewarm water for a few minutes. While you wash, do not scrub the wefts. Instead, rub the strands gently with your palms.

After washing, leave the wefts to air-dry and follow up with a moisturizing conditioner. The conditioner makes detangling easier. It also moisturizes the tresses.

Tip: Never comb the strands while they are wet.

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It is best to detangle your weaves twice every day. Use a wide toothcomb or a natural bristle brush to detangle the strands. Always brush the mane from tip to base. Be cautious of the silicon clips at the base of the wefts. Pulling too hard can cause shedding and damage to the base.

When you detangle your tresses, ensure the strands have enough moisture. Natural clip in care requires moisturizing your wefts properly before detangling. Especially if they are kinky textured weaves. Combing dry kinky tresses will ruin the strands.

Moisturize – An Important Natural Clip In Care Routine

Proper moisturization preserves the luster and shine of your tresses. Remember, extensions do not receive oils directly from your scalp. It is necessary to lock in moisture with the best products. This fact depends on the hair type to an extent.

Light oils and serums are the best products for straight and wavy tresses. However, kinky wefts get dry very fast. They require heavier oils like Castor.

Argan oil works perfectly for all textures. It moisturizes the strands evenly and protects them from UV light rays. It is also an ideal liquid for detangling.

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Other Tips for A Proper Natural Clip In Care

There are other things one must consider for natural clip in care. These tips are necessary for a daily routine. The results are always effective as well.


When styling your tresses, be cautious of heat. Curling and straightening methods beautify artificial strands. However, these methods require heat. Heat styling can ruin your mane. Always apply a heat protectant spray or cream before heat styling.

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Always take off your extensions before bed. This act gives you comfort at night and preserves your mane. Brush the wefts at night and wrap them with a silk or satin scarf. Place the bundle in an air-tight container and moisturize the next day.

Following the tips in this article will give you the best results. You will see the quality and texture of your clip-ins improve through the proper natural clip in care.