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Craps Payout Guidelines in Online Casino

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Are you curious about playing craps but overwhelmed by the odds? You can trust us at www.okbetcasino.live. Craps odds are clarified in our comprehensive strategy guide so you can understand the basics and play without interruption.

What are Craps?

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In the dice game of craps, players place bets based on the results of the roll of two dice. The house or the other players are both options for wagering. “Street craps” can be played anywhere because it just needs a few pieces of equipment.

What Rules are Played?

Craps were played in Ancient Rome long before slot machines were invented, as are most of today’s gambling games. Soldiers would carve pig bones to use as dice in games of chance. Online craps are played on an elevated table for the match at licensed casinos. The game isn’t particularly complex, but there are still a lot of fun bets to make.

You should anticipate that two or more individuals will be running the game at once when you play in a casino. The chance to toss the dice is given to each player. The shooter is the one who throws the dice. Typically, the shooter can select two dice from a pool of five. To ensure fair play, dice should be rolled so that they contact the edge of the table before landing.

What are the Best Craps Odds Bets?

The “pass bets,” “don’t pass bets,” and “laid odds bets” in craps offer the best odds. The odds on “pass bets” are 1 to 1, so you can potentially double your investment. Additionally, the winnings on this wager is merely 1.41 percent. On the other hand, “laying odds bets” have no house advantage but payout at a ratio of 2:1, 3:2, or 6:5, depending on the numbers you bet on.

What are the Worst Craps Bets?

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These legendary wagers have destroyed enormous bankrolls and destroyed millionaires. Craps has a considerable reputation as a bad-boy game due to these extraordinarily dangerous stakes.

Big Eight and Big Six

Some layouts have the big six and big eight in the corners for the poorest options for a wager. Each bet is on a six or an eight coming before a 7. Similar to a “place bet” in craps, the big six and eight operate similarly, except that the payouts are even money. Undoubtedly, $30 on the “big six” earns $30. “Place the Six” will reward you $35 for the same amount.

Big Six/Eight has a terrible 9.1% house edge. This wager is so disgusting that even Atlantic City forbids it.


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Because it is rolled the hard way, a doubling of a 4, 6, 8, or 10 is referred to as a “hard number.” When you wager the hard way, roll a specific number hard before a seven and before it is rolled easily. Both hard four and hard ten pay seven to one. These bets are put in the middle of the table. Anyone may wager or reverse it at any time (before resolution).

Infuriatingly, the house edge for hard six and hard eight is 9.1%. It is a terrible 11.1% for hard four and hard ten.

The remaining worst wagers all involve a single roll, and you win if the shooter rolls the targeted number on the ensuing throw. Chips are off the table if not. Like the hardways, the sick person is in charge of these wagers. You can let the dealers know what you want by placing your chips on a line that is not used for betting. We also advise learning the ins and outs of a game strategy before you start wagering real money.

Cheat Sheet for Craps Table Payouts

The various bets, true odds, payouts, and house advantage are shown in the table below. To compare all the worst bets in craps in one spot, the hardways and massive six/eight are also included.

Bet                                          True Odds      Pays                House Edge

Any Seven (big red)                5:1                   4:1                   16.7%

Two (snake eyes)                   35:1                 30:1                 13.9%

Twelve (boxcars)                    35:1                 30:1                 13.9%

Hop (1 wayY)                          35:1                 30:1                 13.9%

Whirl                                        10:5                 8:5                   13.3%

Horn                                        20:4                 17:4                 12.5%

Hop (2 ways)                          17:1                 15:1                 11.1%

Three (ace-deuce)                  17:1                 15:1                 11.1%

Eleven (yo-leven)                   17:1                 15:1                 11.1%

Hard Four                                8:1                   8:1                   11.1%

Hard Ten                                 8:1                   7:1                   11.0%

Hard Six                                  10:1                 9:1                   9.1%

How to Figure Out Craps Payouts

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When calculating payments in online craps, always keep in mind that you should be using the payment odds rather than the real odds. Some novice players discover that splitting payoff odds into decimals makes it simpler to calculate prizes fast.

Remember that the odds payout on rolling a four at a table of craps are 8:1. The banker will give you $8 with every 5 bets you win.

Let’s say bettors want to wager on the number 4 table craps where the minimum bet is $10.

When playing at a 9:5 payout ratio, you discover that your $10 minimum bet equals two 10 “decimals.” Calculate your desired stake by multiplying the overall units computation by the payout the online market will make if your bet is successful.

The result of multiplying two by 9 using the odds payout for a 5 is 19. It implies that your 20 wager will win 19 if the number four appears on the craps.

How to Determine Payouts for Unusual Bet Amounts

To compute the potential reward for each craps play, you must first adjust the payment odds from a fractional to a decimal and then times number by the requested bet.


When playing craps, placing a stake on number 4 results in payoff odds of 9:5.

That’s 1.9 when expressed in decimal form. If the roll of the dice resulted in a 4, increase your initial wager of ten by 1.9 to calculate your potential reward.

Calculating Payouts from Dealer’s

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Craps dealers must determine payments for up to 18 players simultaneously. Given how quickly an online game can move, gambling sites have strategies to check of wager and payments for players:

  1. The order of the chips is fixed. Operators secure that the arrangement of chips on the table accurately represents each member’s account. The location of a player’s chips relative to the same bet on the craps table’s chip rack determines where those chips will be distributed to the player during the game.
  1. Payments are made in a particular order. To maintain order, the dealers give you wagers in strict order. Come bets, place bets, and pass line bets are paid in that order by the dealer.
  1. The player that is capable of paying out bets is the one who is closest to the stickman. The operator again starts by paying out winners to the player closest to the operator so they can keep count of the payments for “place bets.” After that, they will give you the money which they received. For some wagers, some real money craps casinos will switch the starting point in the box man.
  1. Dealers know the payout odds off by heart. A game operator must calculate the exact “pass,” “place,” and “come” bets multiple times throughout the day. The varying payment odds in a game of craps are progressively learned by dealers working in land-based casinos, but the software used by online casinos is able to compute payouts automatically. As a result, the game is fast-paced, with short payouts and bets.


Because of the sheet number of bets available, new craps players may initially struggle to make sense of the odds. As a result, we’ve broken down the mystery of craps in our above guide to help you choose the best wagers suited to your playing style. Hopefully, the focus was helpful, and you’ll be more confident in your craps abilities when you play in OKBET!