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How to create a professional invoice in 10 Easy steps – 2024 Guide

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Don’t be afraid of invoicing, because it doesn’t have to be that difficult. For many, this is a very scary part of the job, especially when you are doing it for the first time. Then you will surely come across various questions to which you still do not have an answer. For example, you may be wondering what a professional invoice looks like, how you can make it, and what it involves. If this is exactly what you are asking, you can find all the answers in the rest of the text.

To help you better cope with all this, we have made you a short guide that explains in detail what you need to do. So, you need to follow a few basic steps that will contribute to a more professional look at your invoice. You will achieve this if you have the key information that should be contained there, but also some great templates or apps that you can take advantage of. Either way, keep reading and finally find out what it’s all about.

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1. Important information

You can’t expect your invoice to look professional if you forget about some key elements. This way you can jeopardize the business because it will not contain the right information. In that case, you can create additional problems with the costs and the client. If there is incorrect information, the invoice will be delayed and it will cost you exactly. So if you want to finish the job without delay, try to list everything that a professional invoice should contain. Of course, this will depend on the industry in which you work as well as the description of your job.

Therefore, you may need to add some items, but there is a universal list of information that must be on each invoice. However, if you are not sure that you will succeed on everything yourself, use the free invoice maker.

2. Your name and contact

In the first place are your personal data that are important for this procedure and it refers to the name, address, phone number, location, and company logo. Of course, if your business is bigger you need to add all the other details that matter.

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3. The client name and address

It is very important that you do this part well, because otherwise there may be a misunderstanding that we have drawn your attention to. So don’t forget the client’s name. While this may seem like obvious information to you, you need to know that everything is of great importance. Each element of the formal transaction record has its purpose.

4. The invoice number

Each invoice should have a reference number because this is the easiest way to recognize it. It really doesn’t matter which number you choose and it could be your date of birth or something similar. Our advice is to always be maximally organized and to approach this part of the job as well. In that case, we recommend that you decide to number the accounts in order and therefore start with a number.

Remember that the number can have an impact on your status because if this is your first invoice and note it, you give the impression of an inexperienced company. Of course, if you don’t mind presenting yourself like this, go ahead with that. Then the most important thing is that the invoices contain different numbers, and everything else is less important. If you happen to create duplicate invoices, there would be unprecedented confusion.

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5. The date

Like any document, the invoice must contain a date. This is already a basic rule that is not forgotten because this is proof of your shipment. This determines when the invoice was sent and how you did it. This determines the terms of payment starting from the specified date.

6. The deadline

This refers to the maturity date. The number you enter depends on the way you do business. Most people expect it to be paid within a month and state that. On the other hand, it can vary and is different for almost every job. So decide on this according to your needs as well as the needs of the client. Our advice is to single out this information, because in this way you may motivate clients to pay faster. Plus, your invoice will look much tidier. You will achieve this if you increase the font or use another design.

7. Total debt

Lastly, you must not forget to enter the amount of money that the client owes you. This is an important part that must be indicated as a breakdown of the charges. In addition to all these basic things, there are a few more details that are important to consider if you want to look as professional as possible. This applies to all features of the invoice template when it comes to design.

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8. Include a practical design

The design of the invoice must be above all practical. So you need to plan it to fit the standard page margins. Maybe almost all clients will store this data exclusively in digital format, but believe us, you have to think about everything. Some will simply be more open to good old-fashioned document printing. So make it easy for them, create space for all the important information. If you don’t how it should look like, check at paystubsnow.

9. Highlight your brand and style

So, you need to achieve a little more than practical. And that just includes these two things. Keep in mind that today we have many more opportunities than ever before and that boring business documents are long gone. That’s why everything is approached creatively and thoughtfully, and that’s what you should do with your invoice. If you are in the design industry this is especially important to you. You can then rely on the receipt maker.

You simply have to stay consistent with the brand in every business segment. This refers to the harmonization of the invoice with the existing marketing materials when it comes to colors, logos, etc.

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10. Payment terms

It is extremely important that you make it clear to your clients what your working conditions are. This way there will be no frequent confusions. You will do this best if you highlight this information well enough regarding the design of your invoice. First of all, it is necessary to make enough space for them, and then list the payment methods you accept, delays, etc. Our recommendation is to add a friendly thank you note at the end, as this will show clients how much you really appreciate them.


Once you have successfully found a client, you have only finished the part with the payment. Don’t let this ruin your success and finish the job. So, here you could read all the key items that are related to creating an invoice, and that will be enough for you to do everything properly. We hope we’ve helped you get the most out of it.