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10 Reasons to Visit Philippines in 2024

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People like to travel a lot, but different factors do not allow them to do that. In most cases, people around the world can afford to travel once a year. There are two main reasons why this sort of scenario is happening. First of all, they do not have enough money to travel more.

However, when money is not a problem, then time truly is. People can only plan a trip when they have a longer holiday. For the weekend they can camp or go to another town. Yet, traveling in different countries is not something they can do.

Still, the importance of one holiday that we have per year is huge. It doesn’t only relax us, but it also helps you recharge your batteries for further duties. Because of that, you need to pick the right destination that will bring you all those benefits. One of the destinations that we would want to recommend is the Philippines.

Believe it or not, only between January and May last year, there were around 3.4 million foreign tourists. This is a huge number of people in one place and there are many reasons why they visited the Philippines.

However, You Need a Visa to Come Here

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Well, planning a trip to this country is not as easy as you might think. The entire process of organizing your holiday depends on the place where you live. Some people will have to apply for Visa before they come here. Without that document, they won’t have the permission to come. Indeed, not all people need to verify visa conditions. Because of that, we recommend you visit philippinesvisa.com and find out more information.

Still, the big number of tourists is not enough proof that you should come here. Because of that, we would want to share with you reasons to visit the Philippines in 2024. After reading them, we are sure that you will get the necessary desire to come here.

Let’s get started.

Friendly Locals

Okay, it is hard to determine in which country are the friendliest people in the world. Still, friendly locals are something that you can expect when coming here. Immediately after you arrive at the airport, you will see this. If there are any questions, you can ask everyone and everyone will be happy to give you answers. Even better, they will give you some suggestions on where you should go and what you should try.

Despite that, you will feel like you are at home at every moment. Let’s say that you booked an apartment where you will stay. The owner of the apartment will surely introduce you to the other family members. There is a big chance that they will even invite you to the birthday of one family member.


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The main reason why people travel is to have fun. In almost every province in this country, there are festivals once a year. In this way, they celebrate different things associated with their culture and history.

However, there are also some entertaining activities for younger people. You will often have the chance to participate in street parties, dance competitions, etc. Some of the festivals that we can highlight are Sinulog Festival, Panagbenga, Moriones Festival, etc.

Amazing Islands

Do you know that the Philippines are an archipelago that has around 7000 islands and islets? The good thing is that each one has a unique beauty in some different way. Most of the islands are reachable by plane and boat. Logically, this depends on the distance and the size of the island.

Tourists should know that there are some “must-see” spots in this country. The first thing that we recommend is Boracay Island in Aklan. It is a place where you can party all day long. Yet, if you are a bigger fan of peaceful places, then camping in the Caramoan Islands in Camarines Sur is a better choice.

Filipino Food

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Despite relaxing and having fun, people travel because they want to meet another culture. Is there a better way to understand a culture than trying out its food? Well, Filipino food is something that you mustn’t skip. Fortunately, there are many restaurants where you can taste different food. Despite that, many locals will be happy to prepare you something as well.

However, what to look for?

Well, the list can be a lot longer than ours. For example, Cebu’s world-class Lechon is the first thing you should try out. If you want to completely fulfill your tummy, then Pampanga’s sizzling sisig is something you should eat. We recommend you talk with the locals as well and ask them for a recommendation. Filipinos are proud of their tradition and culture. Be sure that they will be ready to introduce you to everything you should know about their food.

Beautiful Beaches

You probably know that there are different types of beaches. For example, there are powdery white sand, brown, gray, sugary cream, etc. Well, all those that we mentioned you can find in this country. We already mentioned some islands where you should visit. Well, add beautiful beaches as one more reason why you should visit them.

This especially counts when we talk about Palawan, Boracay Island, and Cebu City. The last one from our list is well-known as a place with unique white sand beaches. Pangasinan is the place where you can find golden and creamy ones. Reaching this place is even easier because it is only a couple of hours away from Manila.

Relive History

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How many times have you said that you tired of modern technology? Well, this is the right place to get back to history a little. The Philippines are a historical place with a diver culture that comes from different colonizers.

For example, if you travel to Manila, you can have a day tour in Intramuros or Waleed City. This has been a refuge during the Spanish regime. There are also some traces of American colonization. You can find them if you visit Corregidor. It is an island that you will visit before reaching Manila Bay.


Some people say that the Philippines are heaven on earth. All the reasons that we mentioned are enough to get a Visa and go. Every penny that you invest in this trip will pay off in the end.