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Add Spice To Your Life: Solar Panel Installation Is Possible To DIY

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Do professional services overwhelm you with their costs? Do you want to change the game while renovating your home? Then, you need to proceed with the article to add spice to your life! Energy consumption is one of the most trending topics. Today, the world strives towards switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy. On that note, the industry of renewable energy rapidly develops. Out of all the alternatives to fossil fuels, solar energy attracts the most with its environmental friendliness, affordability, and resilience.

As far as the former two adjectives seem reasonable and comprehendible, the latter one requires an explanation. How can solar energy be described as resilient? In its direct sense, it can’t. However, the equipment supplying it can. Photovoltaic (PV) panel system supplies the sun’s energy, and it consists of multiple components. To make people find all the pieces of equipment in one place and figure out the necessary ones, solar panel companies like LA Solar Group create bundles of equipment – a solar panel kit. Besides its benefit of containing all the essential components to go solar, it is also capable of eliminating the professional services provided by the company like photovoltaic panel installation. Let’s go into the details.

Solar Panel Kits For Home – No Professional Services

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Home photovoltaic panel kits are a blessing from the industry. You may wonder, “In what sense?” Well, besides providing a bundle of the main pieces of equipment, they also give the chance to take care of components’ installation at home, without the company’s assistance.

In other words, with home photovoltaic panel kits, you can DIY their installation. Of course, companies should guide you through the process, but that guidance won’t cost you money. See, you eliminate installation service and save money! You can observe more on the website; just click here.

DIY Installation Components

Is DIY installation hard? Not at all! With proper guidance, attention-to-detail, and willingness to see the result, everything is easy as pie. There are five main components: solar panel, inverter, battery, performance monitoring system, and mounting system.

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Solar Panel

Of course, if we discuss a PV panel kit DIY installation, then it is logical that the leading equipment for the process of installation should be a PV panel. These are of considerable importance for the productive, efficient, and long-term functioning of the kit. Choosing this one wisely, in accordance with your roof cover material and size, by the guidance of your company, is the key not to mess up with the central component of the whole bundle.

Solar Mounting System

Owning a PV panel is excellent, but how should it get installed? Should it stay in the air? Of course not! The mounting system is specifically designed to hold PV panels on the roof in a secure manner. Thanks to the mounting system, PV panels operate longer, efficiently, and with better financial results.

Solar Inverter

Well, well, if a PV panel is central for the process of installation and efficiency of the sun’s energy, then an inverter comes after it. What is an inverter? It is a piece of equipment that helps us access the power of the sun. There, you may get confused because, basically, PV panels do that. However, photovoltaic (PV) panels solely open up the opportunity of going solar, but an inverter allows us to consume the sun’s energy in reality. It converts Direct Current (DC), which we cannot use, to Alternating Current (AC), the one we should use. See, without the conversion that the inverter completes, full access to the resource is blocked.

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Solar Battery

The word itself implies that it stores something. In this case, it is storage equipment that conserves excess energy of the sun  for multiple purposes. First, the battery stores extra energy for later use upon demand. For instance, whenever a blackout or a power outage occurs, the electricity that the battery holds can easily be used, and the issue of inaccessibility to electricity can be ignored. Second, the power that gets conserved in a battery is a real source of income.

How? Relative to the state’s policy, a customer is allowed to sell the extra electricity back to the grid. Selling that back to the grid helps you to generate money. Besides, the possibility of accumulating energy day by day gives one the opportunity to become an investor and have a penny in the solar stock market. Possibilities are too many – going solar is worth it!

Solar Performance Monitoring System

All the abovementioned pieces of equipment are functioning separately; meanwhile, they are interconnected. To maintain their efficient and long-term operation, consumers need to be careful of the statistics that come from the company at the end of each month. That is one way of monitoring the performance of the system; however, there is a novel way of doing it – purchasing a solar performance monitoring system. It allows you to check the energy efficiency, consumption, and cost despite the time. If you want to be a savvy, safe, and effective consumer, go for it!

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The Installation

These five pieces of equipment get installed separately – each with distinct guidance. Accordingly, DIY PV panel installation is a step-by-step process. The excitement after the completion of each step won’t let you abandon installing the system. Moreover, after each step, the urge to see the result will motivate you to finish the installation as soon as possible.

Besides, to make the process more enjoyable, you can ask your family members or friends to join you! What can be better than spending time in a productive and united way? You basically renovate your house by yourself and relish the presence of your beloved ones. Plus, the installation process becomes fun as clumsiness will be inseparable from your team during the procedure. Of course, someone will act weird and unstoppable laughter will fill the atmosphere. Well, well, turning on funky music, dressing up in matching clothes, and talking about this and that happening – all you need for perfect leisure.

The solar journey is on another level – take advantage of it!