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6 Best 5-star resorts in California 2024

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California has always been known as the state rich with luxury and style. The resorts there are not an exception to this since the best of them offer such a luxury and content that people simply desire to stay there. Form the astonishing views to great service and rooms, these resorts have it all. So, what are the best 5-star resorts in California in 2024?

1. The Resort at Pelican Hill

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The rooms at this resort can be booked for various prices depending on the booking agency and the type of room a potential guest wants. The price per room per night goes from 626USD. It should be mention that this is a huge resort that is located on the Newport Coast and that it has 332 rooms. The pool there is astonishing both in its size and design. The accommodation can also be various, i.e. guests can choose from apartments and suites on one hand on there are also bungalows on the other. The entire design is dominated by wood and fireplaces. There are also rooms with private terraces. Moreover, the resort also offers a golf course as well as the spa center. The view of the ocean is simply magnificent.

2. The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe

This is one of the most luxurious and prestigious resorts in the entire state and it has 170 rooms. The resort is located in Truckee in California. It is designed in a somewhat traditional style and the things that most attract visitors are great service and great food. There is also a possibility of skiing on Lake Tahoe. The resort also offers two different golf courses and there is also a spa offered. The resort also has great cuisine which is served in several restaurants that are located there. The price per room per night goes from 349USD.

3. Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa

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This resort is 30 minutes away from San Diego and it is considered to be a quiet one without the crowds of the city and tourists. It should be also noted that the staff is also very kind and there for everything a guest may need. The resort also offers a great spa and there is also a possibility of having various massages and therapies. The food is also great. The rooms are very spacious and nicely designed. It should be noted that the stay there can be from 604USD per night.

4. Ventana Big Sur, an Alila Resort

This is one of the most expensive resorts in California since the price per room per night goes from 1050USD. It should be also noted that this is a perfect place for all yoga lovers since there are yoga classes organized every day. The number of rooms is 60 and all of them have been constructed in a somewhat rustic design that corresponds to the rocky environment. There are various rooms in sizes, from 414 to 1200ft, but all are extremely comfortable.

5. The Lodge at Torrey Pines

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The rooms at this resort go from 345USD. One of the best things that this resort has to offer is a great golf course. It should be added that the entire resorts look at this magnificent golf course. However, there is one bad thing about this resort and that is a resort fee which is paid daily. The entire resort is located in La Jolla, and the resort has 170 rooms. The entire design has been described as somewhat rustic and traditional.

6. Fairmont Grand Del Mar

This is a bit cheaper variant in the comparison to the previous one since the stay per night goes from 449USD. The rooms there are great since they are very spacious. It is also located near San Diego, and this city if 20 minutes away from it. The entire resort is luxurious and it is constructed in a somewhat Tuscan style. The spa there is magnificent as well as the pools are. It should be noted that the resort also has a golf course. The cuisine offered there is mainly the Mediterranean, mostly French, and there are also some great wine selections offered. We should also mention that the entire resort has 249 rooms.