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How Much Compensation do you Get for Brain Injury in California

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Brain injuries may not be as apparent like lacerations or broken bones however, they could be one of the most grave effects of an accident in California. While lacerations and broken bones may heal over time but the effects caused by a brain injury may be life-altering and permanent. Brain injuries can be caused by many different incidents, including accidents in traffic or slips and falls and workplace accidents.

The most frequent concerns for people who have suffered brain injuries is the nature of the compensation they may be entitled to. It is contingent on a variety of different elements including the circumstances of the incident as well as the exact damages that may be suffered. In this article, we’ll cover all you should learn about the way that compensation for head injuries are calculated, as well as the amount you will be awarded based on the injury.

A Traumatic head accident (TBI) is a brain injury that is caused by physical force. This kind of injury can be caused by a variety of methods, and is often the result of car accidents, slips and falls, as well as other accidents in which the force of impact is directed towards the head. If you suffer a severe cerebral injury or injury to the brain, you could suffer for the remainder of your existence.

If the actions of another person led to the injuries, you could have the right to bring claims for damages. This article will walk you through the specifics of the TBI settlement that can be made in California.

Types of Damages for a Head Injury in California

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There are numerous kinds of damages that a person could face due to an injury to the head. It is crucial to know the types of damages you could incur in order to calculate the amount of compensation you could be entitled to due to the head injury you suffered:

Special Damages

Also described as “economic damages,” they are the damages with an amount that is fixed to them. Medical expenses and medical bills are examples of special costs that are not paid, and so are lost wages. For instance, you may have had to pay thousands of dollars in medical expenses and lost weeks of work in addition.

General Damages

Also often referred to as “non-economic damages,” they are those that don’t have a set dollar value. The most popular instance would be “pain and suffering,” which can further be subdivided into mental distress, loss of motivation within your life, the loss of friendship as well as other issues related to that. For instance the brain injury could result in severe migraines, and loss of your job (your reason for being there) and your spouse could have also left you due to personality changes that resulted from the brain injury.

Average Costs of TBI Treatment and Rehabilitation

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According to Sierra Legal Group the expense of treating and recuperating from an TBI will vary based on the severity. Certain TBI sufferers have minor injuries, and require only one or two days in the hospital, care for outpatients and follow-up with a physician. In more severe cases, injuries could necessitate hospitalization, care in an inpatient setting as well as monitoring by specialists as well as other treatments that could be ongoing for the duration of the time.

The process of recovering from the effects of a TBI generally involves speech, cognitive, physical as well as occupational therapy. If the patient is paralyzed or handicapped, they may require expensive medical equipment mobility aids, medications as well as aids at home. Different studies were conducted by the CDC, the Brain Trauma Association of America and the Family Caregiver Alliance that have shown the following TBI victim numbers:

  • The initial year of rehabilitation may be as high as $196,000. Without rehabilitation The treatment cost for one year will cost approximately $18,000.
  • The total lifetime cost for an TBI victim could exceed $4 million.
  • TBIs that cause fatal injury can cost as high as $450,000.
  • The cost per day for inpatient TBI treatment is $8,000. A residential rehabilitation center costs between $850 and $2,500 per day. Outpatient rehabilitation can cost as high as 1,000 dollars per treatment.

These figures are staggering when attempting to estimate the costs of recovering from or taking care of the victim of a TBI. Based on the reason for the TBI the insurance might not be able to cover all treatment and possibly even lifelong care for the victim. A personal injury lawyer should be contacted promptly following the accident can help get the most damages from the person who was at blame for the accident, slip-and-fall or any other event that causes an TBI.

What Is the Average Settlement for a TBI Injury?

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There isn’t any set amount for a settlement for brain injuries, understanding the severity of the injury assists the courts in determining the amount. Settlement amounts vary from a few thousand dollars to millions based on the specifics of your particular case. TBI settlements typically are more expensive as compared to personal injury lawsuits due to the long-term effects of injuries.

When you file a personal injury case, a variety of aspects affect the amount of the settlement. The nature of the accident is one of the factors that determines your settlement, there are various settlements for automobile accidents, slip and falls, as well as other TBIs caused by another’s carelessness.

Car accidents TBI cases consider the speed, vehicle model and make, as well as the body’s position to determine the extent to which your brain has been affected. Falls and slips are based on the height, frequency, as well as the severity of the injury.

Alongside the details of your accident such as your gender, age and health issues can reduce or increase the chance of suffering injuries. If you don’t seek medical attention, you may suffer more severe effects, which could affect the result of your case. If you seek medical attention quickly, you’ll reduce the possibility of complications but you’ll see how fast the medical bills mount up. Alongside medical expenses and other expenses, you could also be facing loss of time at work and a drop in salary or even being unable to perform your job for the remainder of your existence. Whatever the price it is vital to prevent further complications.

You can observe, a lot of aspects are involved in determining the price of the TBI. It’s essential to have an experienced California attorney for personal injuries analyze your case to determine all the factors and increase the value of the settlement.