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What Does Watching Adult Movies Do To Your Brain

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The internet is one of the best creations of humanity. Inevitably, it brings people from all walks of life. Every human is granted the right to information and quench their everlasting curiosity that teems throughout their lifespan. One of the most curious things about human beings, especially in their growing years, is the concept of sexuality and intercourse.

As kids, everyone is taught that kids are made through the union of a man and a woman, and this usually carries on for a while until their puberty years more often than not. When the surge of hormones and abnormal feelings to the opposite gender or the same gender happens, that’s when kids begin doubting what they’ve been taught about sexuality.

The internet is a vast library of information on almost every conceivable topic. With that being said, Pornography is one of the most easily viewed forms of entertainment on the planet. It is reported that more people visit pornographic sites more than Netflix and other streaming platforms combined.

We all know the illusion of pornography and why it’s so addictive, but do we know precisely how it affects our brains? Not really. We do have a little idea, though, which we’ll cover in this article. Visit BlackPornSites.net to know more about porn and the various categories people view. With that being said, let’s get into it!

Research Evidence

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One of the main parts of our brain responsible for cognitive perceptions is known as the striatum. We’ll consider two different standards. A brain that does not view pornography and the other that does. Studies have shown that the average porn viewer reflects differences in his striatum compared to the normal brain.

This part of the brain is responsible for reward processing and lights up like a festival when the average human is sexually aroused and in other regions. A study involving 70 male subjects involved showing them pornographic content, and the result that they were looking for was the increase in activity in the parts of their brain.

And the study concluded that those with an addiction to pornography had more brain activity in those regions in contrast to the ones that do not view it. A somewhat different study gave results in terms of rewiring the brain. This study concluded that the amount of porn watched by people was indirectly proportional to the size of a compartment in the striatum.

This means the more porn they watched, the smaller it became. Moreover, in terms of addiction mechanics, those who regularly and obsessively view porn have been concluded to rewire the brain mechanics of the reward system subconsciously. In other words, it changed the way that they view intercourse altogether, which affected the way they got aroused and approached sex.

Not All Causes

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We need to understand that not all of these differences in the brain are caused by porn alone. A lot of data is left to be unscrambled, and researchers haven’t all the variables yet. The human psyche is very complex and layered. When it comes to a person’s emotions, there is a very different way each person has an outlet for those. This means that viewing pornography could be another way of letting out those emotions in a safe manner.

Psychologists have made attempts to understand how a particular emotion such as anger is dealt with through porn. An increase in viewing pornography in the USA has lead to a decrease in violence, rape and other sexual offences.

However, again these are correlations and not backed by scientific evidence. There are just too many variables and things to consider when trying to make a scientific study out of this.

This correlation is more visible in other nationalities that have an increase in viewing pornography.

More Severe Effects

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Pornography addiction can be cured a lot easier when it is localized to only the person. If the problem goes out of hand for more than just the person, it can get hard to bring back into control. Individuals viewing violent porn content are more likely to implement that into their everyday lives. This, although, sounds contradictory as the previous correlation indicated lower aggression and sexual assault rates.

One of the more specific things to talk about is that this increased sexual aggression and practices are more likely to be done on themselves than on another person. For example, there have been a significant number of cases in which people asphyxiate themselves to death to experience an orgasm better. This rises from the suffocating practises widely popularized in pornographic movies.

A study that involved over 500 sex offenders found out that their statements about exposure to adolescent porn over the years most likely caused an increase in aggression and sexual violence. This is mainly because the adolescent phase is crucial for brain growth and perception growth as well.

Being conditioned to sexually humiliating and aggressive tones of intercourse is a very likely reason people are increasingly becoming more aggressive in their sexual lives.

Other Physical Problems Caused By Porn

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The following two problems are the most common and frustrating problems to have for a person. Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation. Starting with ED (erectile dysfunction) usually involves not maintaining an erection for even a short period or not being able to achieve an erection at all.

This can be caused due to medical reasons as well, but one of the primary and most common reasons is excessive viewing of pornography. Viewing pornography obsessively can make your mind more dependent on angles and visuals than physical touch and sensation in real-life sex.

This can have a natural life effect, with you not achieve an erection because the sex is just not arousing enough. Premature ejaculation is a different type of dysfunction, which involves reaching a climax in less than a minute.

This is usually caused by viewing a lot of porn, making your mind want more orgasms to keep one satisfied, so it makes sure they reach climax as soon as possible.