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Have a Good Holiday in Canary Islands

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The Canary Islands are one of the most desired tourist destinations around the world. It is a favourite place for holidays, no matter the season of the year. The main reason is that this archipelago has almost perfect weather in any season. Geographically it is located in a subtropical zone, with thermal sensations of spring and summer, along with very few differences between the minimum and maximum temperature.

Not all the islands of the archipelago are equal in climate. There are those that have more rainfall than others, and also those that are more arid. The advantage of all this is that for tourists, it is possible to choose between the islands that exist, taking into account their tastes and the difference between one season of the year or another.

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Where to book accommodation in the Canary Islands? Best places to relaxing

There are numerous hotels available, of all types and varieties. On each island there is enough supply to meet the demands of the tourists. On websites like Lopesan you can find the perfect holiday in Gran Canaria. There are options to spend days with a great nightlife, or for relaxing.

Hotels in Gran Canaria have a very good location. Around there is a great range of shops and businesses. These are perfect to make nightlife and enjoy the natural landscapes. A great advantage is that there is a possibility to rent a villa / apartment close to the beaches or in the centre of Las Palmas City.

To do villa hire in Canary Islands is very easy. To have a good holiday, deciding on good accommodation is important. It is important to feel relaxation and comfort, it is the goal of the resorts. In Villa Gran Canaria you can find luxurious rooms to rent, with services that will make the holidays unforgettable.  For more information visit VilaGranCanaria.com

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Among the services offered are the spa to enjoying wonderful treatments or massages, Wi-Fi connection, key delivery, weekly and final cleaning, smoking areas and pets are welcome with an extra cost (only in some areas).

The offer of villas / apartments or hotels wants to satisfy the wishes and needs of every client, to guarantee a great holiday, without worries. The goal is for guest return home revitalized and relaxed.

Which Island to Choose?

The type of landscape of each island is different. Choosing one or the other is a matter of taste, budgets, desire for exotic holidays, etc. There is no better than another, this is clear.

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  • Fuerteventura. It is mostly desert landscapes, with spectacular sand dunes.
  • Gran Canaria. It is usually the favourite of tourists for the sun, the beach, history, customs and the large number of activities to be done.
  • Tenerife. The other guest favourite. It is a paradise or its perfect climate throughout the year. It has the most beautiful beaches today, along with a culture that welcomes tourists.
  • La Palma. It is lonely and quiet, perfect for relaxation. It has many hiking trails.
  • El Hierro. It is very small and 100% sustainable. It is declared a geopark by UNESCO. Isn’t a place of pleasure for the great masses, it is preferable for people who want something remote with a varied ecosystem.
  • Lanzarote. The island has a wide variety of natural parks, known for their biodiversity, and outdoor activities of many types.
  • La Gomera. This island stands out for its wide biodiversity and its protected landscapes. It also has many natural reserves.

Reaching some islands can be more complicated than reaching others. Keep it in mind in some islands the communications doesn’t work very well. Maybe the connections is a factor to decide an island or another.