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Why Moving to LA Is Great for Up-and-Coming Music Artists

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If you’re an aspiring musician, where you live in the world plays a huge factor in getting ahead and becoming a success. For those who live in a rural village or town, the chances are there won’t be many opportunities to get your music out there and build an audience.

Thankfully, there are major cities like Los Angeles that boast an array of up-and-coming talent, not to mention some of the greatest music legends in the world.

If you’ve decided it’s time to relocate, but you’re not sure where to make the move to, here are some reasons why LA is fantastic for any music artist.

Artists moving to LA need to focus on one thing and that is what they do best, that’s being a musician of course. It is always best to let a professional moving company such as American Movers handle the logistics when making the big move. They can focus on what they are best at and you can focus on what you are best at

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Face New Challenges

While it’s great to create music in an environment where you feel the most comfortable, this isn’t always the best move. For those who have never lived anywhere else, you may stop pushing yourself to go the extra mile, which is a necessity for music artists. Once you land in LA, you’ll be introduced not only to artists in your field, but to other genres too, which can only be a good thing, especially for pushing you to work harder and perform better.

Making a move anywhere in the country can be a daunting prospect but it doesn’t have to be stressful if you work with the best California moving companies on getting your move executed. However, as you find your feet and settle into the LA way of life, you’ll become more confident and able to face any challenges that come your way. If anything, the one you need is to believe in your musical abilities, and great things will happen!

Make Valuable Connections

When it comes to the greatest producers, publishers, writers, and engineers, they’re all here in Los Angeles. LA is known for its gigantic music scene that’s bursting at the seams with musical talent. You’ll find an array of experts on the hunt for the next best thing, so if you play your cards right and make valuable connections, this could be you! Networking is a crucial component of building a successful music career in LA, so you’ll need to become a pro at communicating effectively with others.

There are industry events across Los Angeles each month that are worth attending. Whether it’s seminars, forums, or PRO events, make sure you turn up as you can never be too sure on who you may meet. It’s great to make connections and build up a contact list, as it can come in handy when starting your career.

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Tons of Artist Support

While LA may be full of aspiring musicians like yourself, try not to see this as a bad thing. Sure, there will be competition, but you’re bound to make great friends along the way. Whether you head to an open mic night or go busking on the streets, you can interact with like-minded individuals who share the same passions and goals.

As you make connections with other artists, you can create a great support network, and get tips and advice from those in the same boat as you. If you’re hundreds of miles away from home, LA can feel like a lonely place, so befriending other musicians can help you feel more at home and boost your social life.

Plenty of Performance Venues

As you would expect, Los Angeles has an array of world-famous performance venues. From the Hollywood Bowl to The Wiltern, there is always a concert worth catching in the city. Once you check out some great shows and gain inspiration, you’re bound to be eager to get on the stage yourself. While you may not be gracing the huge arenas just yet, there are lots of small and intimate venues where up-and-coming artists can showcase their talents, such as The Mint, El Cid, and the Silverlake Lounge.

One of the biggest benefits of having tons of venues to perform and showcase your music is the chance to build a fanbase and get your name out there. For aspiring music artists, word of mouth means everything. This means when people check out your gig, they’re likely to tell their friends and family, which can see your audience grow overnight!

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Lots of Recording Facilities

As well as performance venues, there are lots of recording facilities and rehearsal spaces dotted across LA that you can use to perfect your craft. For example, Pirate has a Los Angeles music studio that can be used for private music production, vocal capture, and mixing. Whether you pop into the LA mix recording studio for an hour, or decide on a day session, Pirate is one of the globe’s biggest creative studio networks, meaning you’re sure to be in safe hands and get the best experience.

Any music artist will tell you that practice makes perfect, so you will need to put the hours in at a recording studio and rehearsal space to be taken seriously. These establishments serve as great spaces to meet other musicians and producers too.

Rich Musical Heritage

There are a whole host of music legends that come from Los Angeles. From Etta James to Liza Minnelli, if you’re after a city that boats musical talent, you’ve found it! LA is steeped in music history and heritage that is worth checking out when you’re living in the city. When you have some time, a visit to the GRAMMY Museum is a must. There, you can check out exciting exhibitions and learn more about what makes LA so special for music artists.

Whatever genre of music interests you most, some of the best places in LA to check out with a musical heritage include Sunset Strip, the Capitol Records building, and Central Avenue. Once you learn more about LA’s music history, it may serve as inspiration in your own songs.

If you decide on making the move to LA, you’ll be in the entertainment capital of the world. This means there’s no better hotspot to be in if you’re an up-and-coming music artist who wants to make a name for themselves.

Whether you’re a solo artist, wanting to find band members, or like the idea of working behind the scenes as a songwriter, there are tons of life-changing opportunities to be had in Los Angeles.