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9 Twitter-Dominating California Politicians in 2024

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Every politician has an account on Twitter, and so as all the famous California politicians. It is an outstanding platform to communicate with people across the globe and express what you feel.

There is always a big fight on this application between different politicians, and it starts with several campaigns, followings, winners, etc. Generally, you can get two accounts, i.e., the official one and the campaign one.

Visit famousfollower.com to buy Twitter links, and this is what many people do to get the attention of many people on this platform, like politicians. In the following write-up, we will discuss those accounts with maximum followers and huge rankings. California has some exciting politicians that are dominating Twitter. Let us discuss them in detail.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

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The profile of Arnold has 4.4 million followers, which was created in 2008. He is a former governor, and he discusses everything about serious tweets from the staff chief before he tweets. He shared all his thoughts while driving, news-inspiring, working out, or any online video.

In the beginning, Arnold’s profile was used to share crucial decisions and information directly from the office of the governor. There is always a personal touch because he always shares his pictures at any meeting.

Recently, it is found that Arnold handles his accounts on Instagram and Snapchat. He always wants to bring all the people together. According to him, many people post different things that they haven’t speak before. It is crucial to think before anyone posts. It should be inspiring for others.

Kamala Harris

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There are 2.5 million followers of Kamala Harris, who is a presidential candidate and US Senator. The Twitter account came into existence in 2009. There are three categories of tweets, i.e., outrage thing, life story, and things that an elected president does.

There are so many tweets, along with pictures, stories, graphics, interviews, etc., to describe everything. She tweets everything in fashion, but, in the case of Donald Trump, she takes a screenshot and tweets her reaction.

It is the best way of showing her criticism towards him. Initially, she tweeted a lot about Donald Trump and tagged him too. In 2016, after being elected, she stopped doing all such things.

Nancy Pelosi

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In 2008, the House speaker, Nancy Pelosi created her account on Twitter, and now, she has 2.4 million. If we talk about her tweets, then they are controlled and well-written. It is the perfect application to give all the democratic-related messages easily.

All the members retweet that news and give their reactions. Nancy loves posting hashtags, as well as, scripts. According to her, social platforms are the best to improve communication and reach an audience.

Gavin Newsom

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Gavin is a governor of California, and his Twitter account has 1.4 million users. This platform was introduced in 2006, and before that year, Gavin is selected as the mayor of San Francisco. He created his account in 2009, and he was one of the first politicians who joined this application.

Later, he posted tweets objecting to the Trump administration or as a resistance leader. Sometimes, he discusses various issues of California. There is a similar tone of posts of Harris and governor. Later the governor, Harris approved Gavin for the post of governor and then for president.

Dianne Feinstein

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She is the US Senator with 1.3 million followers on Twitter. She created her account in 2012, and it is found that her tweets were posted by her staff. Her tweets were taken from her speeches, opinions, and statements.

She always reviews all the tweets that she finalizes before making them viral. The toning is quite similar to Harris. Dianne stays constant with her expertise and mentions everything about the Judiciary committee.

Adam Schiff

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Adam is another house member with 1.3 million Twitter followers. His staff members refine all the tweets to make them mature. He advises a common thing on social media to congressional colleagues.

It is important to make sure that all the things that one is posting on any social media must be accurate and you must not cross any line. The thing is that it is crucial to think cleverly and respond with clever statements. It is okay if you add humor while focusing and convincing any argument.

Jerry Brown

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He is a former governor of California with 1.1 million followers on a professional network of Twitter. There are accounts on this platform of his dogs. He is an infrequent tweeter because he was quite stuck in solving various issues of California.

He was never afraid to enhance his national stage and manage all the climate change issues with ease. There are many videos and other holiday greetings on his account.

Maxine Waters

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She is another house member who created her Twitter account in 2009. There are 1 million users who follow her. She is a LA democrat and a member of the FSC.

She encourages most of the public confrontations, including all the members. Her profile is quite bold on Twitter with so many supporting followers. Generally, she posts with exclamations and other rhetorical queries.

Ted Lieu

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Ted, a House member has 990,000 followers on Twitter. He appeared on this social media platform in 2009. He writes, as well as composes his tweets with proper patience. There is a mixture of comedic musings while explaining anything about the administrations.

When it comes to posting respectful tweets, then Ted is the one who does so. He got success because he has a sense of authenticity and humor. He uses this platform well for communication and connecting to his audience.

The Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, many California politicians have their accounts on Twitter, and they are doing the best to express their thoughts to their audience. Some are posting unique content, and some are doing it with the help of their staff members.

They are dominating this professional platform. We have discussed massive politicians with maximum followers and an excellent online presence on a professional social media platform. Consider them to know what is happening in California.