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6 Best Pillow Top Mattresses In the USA For 2024

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It goes without saying that everyone needs a good mattress to sleep on. However, it can be hard going to the store and picking the right one since there are so many types out there.

But there is one particular type where buying the right one requires more time and patience. That type is the pillow top.

The name certainly gives it away, a pillow top mattress adds extra comfortability due to the added layer on top which ultimately increases the mattresses padding. It effectively makes the mattress bigger, depending on the size of the added layer.

With most types out there, the pillow top is yet another one that comes in many shapes and sizes. But, again, choosing the best one for a good night’s sleep is a hard and complicated task.

So, to aid you in the decision making, we have written an article that will tell you about the best picks for 2024.

1. Serta Perfect Sleeper Elite Firm Super Pillow Top

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The primary role of these mattresses is to give you the much-needed head comfortability. This is a very important aspect of sleeping, as many of us end up feeling tired throughout the day if we don’t get enough sleep.

Luckily for you, the Serta Perfect Sleeper is one product that doesn’t mess around and does a pretty darn good job in providing you the best comfort while sleeping. Although quite expensive, the Serta brand is very popular in the pillow top field, with the Perfect Sleeper Elite being at the front of every newsletter they send.

Serta Foam, the company’s own memory foam product, is probably the reasons as to why their products are so popular and of high quality. Setra Foam is the foam used in the top layer of the mattress, giving it the much-needed comfort.

However, it is not only the comfort that gets the job done with this product. Another important aspect to note is that this product is a product limits your partner’s movement and provides a solution to all of your sleeping problems.

An obvious downside to the mattress is that it cannot be flipped on the other side.

2. Classic Brand’s Mercer Pillow-Top Cool Gel Foam

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This king size pillow top mattress is definitely one to grace your bedroom. The Mercer is a product well known in the industry, as it is one product that makes your partner’s night movements literary unnoticeable.

Made with a 12-inch gel memory surface layer, which also adds another layer for bonus comfort, the Mercer Pillow-Top Cool Gel Foam should be one of your options as a mattress this 2024.

The product is made purely from 100% organic materials that prevent any allergic reactions and microorganisms from becoming a problem. This is partly due to the added smell that keeps these pests our, which has been found to stick around for a few days since buying.

3. Sertapedic Super Pillow Top 300 Innerspring Mattress

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The name gives the structure of this product, the Sertapedic 300 is an innerspring mattress built for superior durability and support. Again, this is yet another product that can be quite expensive but does the job none the less.

The mattress is fully certified and made with quality and organic materials that everyone would be more than willing to lie down on. The mattress has different layers of foam which ultimately add towards the overall quality and comfortability.

As a side note, you can read a more detailed-heavy article on the topic of the best pillow-top mattresses. To do so, make sure to read this review.

4. Sealy Response Essentials Top Mattress

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A somewhat less expensive pick than the rest, the Sealy Response Essentials Top Mattress is a king-sized beauty with an 11-inch thick memory foam surface that will instantly make you fall asleep.

Superior comfort and support are the reasons why everyone loves this product. It is also the reason why we are recommending it for 2024. But to touch on more of the technical parts, the product has a double foam layer that acts as lumbar support for your back.

The foam is also responsible for the much-needed comfort, and the SolidEdge HD system keeps the bed’s edges nice and tidy. The only downside to this product is that people find it somewhat too firm when using it.

5. Classic Brand’s Cool Gel 14-Inch Mattress

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Yet another pick from Classic Brand’s, this innovative product looks absolutely stunning. But the best thing about it (wait till you hear about the price) is that it costs merely $500!

For the price of half of some of the rest of the products on this list, you get a 14-inch King-sized mattress that comes with an added layer to improve comfortability.

As a matter of fact, this mattress is made with four tiers of foam, which greatly boast lumbar support, weight support, comfortability, and is even resistant to most allergens.

The complaints which people have most regarding the Cool Gel 14-Inch Mattress from Classic Brand’s is the fact that it can smell for a couple of days once you buy it and it will take some time before you can fill it into a king size bed frame.

6. Serta Perfect Sleeper Select Super Pillow Top

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Serta is a major player in the mattress industry, and it was only a matter of time before another one of their product makes this list.

Regardless, the Sleeper Select Super Pillow Top costs a little more than the previous one but boasts somewhat better characteristics.

First off, not really something that makes the product better, it has a 12-inch added layer that will give you the much-needed quality of sleep.

The innerspring system is built in a way that it prevents any poking while sleeping and provides superior weight support. Its Serta’s spring system that makes it so popular and the system on this mattress makes it impossible for you to notice any movements from your partners. The foam is responsible for the quality of sleep, with it being able to solve up to five sleeping issues.

But it’s also the foams evenly spread that provides you with the sleep of your life.