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Shooting victims from SJSU murder-suicide named; two were students

(5/12) — UPDATE 10:18 PDT — SAN JOSE CALIF, — Two of the three people killed in a double-murder suicide were students of San Jose State University, the school announced during a Thursday morning press conference.

The third shooting victim — believed to be the gunman who shot the two students inside a car on the fifth-floor of a school parking lot before turning the gun on himself — did not attend the university, but was married to one of his shooting victims.

The university said Napoleon Lavarias Caliguiran, 54, of San Jose was the husband of Marcory Tarlit Caliguiran, 26, of San Jose. The university did not disclose whether the gunman knew his other victim, Thomas Kyle Williams, 26, of San Jose.

Marcory Caliguiran and Williams were both graduating seniors at the school who were both majoring in accounting, University spokeswoman Pat Lopes Harris said.

The two were found shot multiple times inside a car when authorities arrived and found Napoleon Caliguiran suffering from a self-sustained gunshot wound lying nearby the vehicle Tuesday evening, Harris said.

Marcory Caliguiran and Williams died at the scene. Napoleon Caliguiran later died at Valley Medical Center from his injuries.

The university did not release a motive for the incident but said there were indications that domestic violence was a factor in the crime.

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  • Heather said:

    I am so sorry to hear this. I met Kyle before and his wife, and I am so sorry for their family. This is so tragic. May his wife be strong know we all support her.

    Also my cousin was in the parking garage when it happened and scared her sh!+less.

    I’m so sorry to all effected.

  • Morgan said:

    Terrible. As an SJSU Grad student who parks in that garage, naturally we a re all disturbed and saddened by this sick tragedy.

    Heather: It’s “affected” not “effected”.

  • Kelsey said:

    This is a terrible tragedy, I feel horrible for all of the people who have to attend counseling sessions. Morgan, I don’t think this is the time or place to correct grammar. That is just rude. But in the spirit of things, “we a re” should read, “we are.”

  • Papa paw said:

    Thats why people should resolve their marriage before moving on to another relationship.

  • realmski said:

    He should have called cheaters instead of turning off the lights. He didn’t have much life left but they did. But hopefully ppl see its not only men that sleep around face it marriage is just a contract. Have a great day.