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5 Reasons Why Product Packaging Is Important – 2024 Guide

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The packaging is the way how a product is presented to the public, future customers, and consumers. For a manufacturer to decide what kind of product packaging he wants – he must carefully research the market. If the packaging is extremely poorly designed, it can damage the company’s reputation – and create the image that other products are not of sufficient quality.

This is just one of the reasons why product packaging is a very important issue. In this text, we will look at some other very important factors and present you with 5 reasons why product packaging is so important.

Packaging And Its Purpose

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The packaging is an integral part of every product on the market. Its purpose is to preserve the quality of products and is a link between producers and customers in the market. Through packaging, the product communicates and transmits a certain message to customers and everyone who sees it. It plays an extremely important role in perceiving the quality of the product – attracting a certain segment of consumers for whom it is ultimately intended. We used to consider packaging to be the wrapping of a product as a form of protection.

However, today, packaging implies far more than just a protective role – and more and more attention is being paid to it. Packaging positions the product on the market in terms of identity. Packaging makes a big difference between products – and the development of technology has enabled countless types of packaging that can be made from different types of materials.

Why Is Product Packaging So Important?

Your product should be a reflection of what you want to say. However,  you do it not only with the function of the product – but also with its aesthetics. That’s why we bring you 5 reasons why product packaging is extremely important:

1. Packaging And Its Function

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The main function of product packaging is its protection. The packaging protects the product all its way, from the factory itself to the store shelves or the consumer’s home. In addition to this protective and transport-storage, the function of packaging is also marketing, use, and sales. Some research says that over 60% of customers store and then reuse the product packaging.

You may have found yourself in a situation where a diaper box served as a toy storage box, or a cardboard box that later served you well when moving, and so on. Keep these things in mind when elaborating product functionality because most consumers cite recyclability and sustainability as the top trend in packaging.

2. Good Design Is Halfway To Sale

One fact that we have already mentioned is that the packaging of the product can greatly affect its attractiveness. That means it can be crucial in the customer’s choice. Just looking at the poorly packed coffee bag on a shelf will discourage you from making any purchase – while the attractively designed packaging can be exactly what will help us make our choice.

Therefore, we must admit that different packaging can have a different influence on potential customers. That is exactly why you need to consider all the options when it comes to product packaging. If you want to know the difference between various options of packaging for products such as coffee, you can look for tips and multiple choices on this website – or simply hire a designing company. The fact is that as consumers, most premium packaging encourages us to buy a product.

3. Packaging Serves You As A Marketing Technique

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The knowledge about packaging so far leads us to the conclusion that it can also be a very good marketing tool. How? Very simple! The ultimate goal of all marketing services is actually to sell your products or services. It is an amazing realization that we are not even aware that we’re not the only promoters of our products. Our consumers do that for us too. They often do it for us by selflessly sharing photos of interestingly packaged products on social media.

Imagine how much the user just liked the packaging if he decided to share it on their social networks. Depending on the number of followers – who knows how many people their post will reach. Of course, this is positive if they have been impressed enough with your product. Otherwise – they can give you negative advertising.

4. Packaging As A Way To Be Different From Others

There are thousands of different products that have a similar function as yours, but there will always be a fair number of impulsive consumers who decide to buy according to packaging. Think about your consumers, and the connotations you want to evoke. We believe that you want to be different from the competition, strive for a better, more unique product, so it can’t be a waste to check how your competition thinks and make a packaging design that will be unique.

5. Good Packaging Helps Make Your Brand

When you are already thinking about the design you will use for your products, pay attention to the colors. What you want to order, and what consumers often read, are colors. Let’s say that if you produce and sell eco products, it is to be expected that green color is associated with them as something from nature.

If you produce metal products, you will find some silver-gray color with them, etc. All of these are just some of the options. Of course, you are the one who will give the final word. You decide how you will present yourself and how people will perceive you in all of this. Your logo is also important in everything, so don’t start a business without a well-made recognizable signature or a website where you can find more information about your products.

Bottom Line

The role of packaging today is much greater than it was before. In addition to transport and protective purposes – packaging also has communication, use, and sales function. All of these reasons we have to take into account. The packaging itself becomes a link between you and your consumer. It is because it contains your recognizable brand that the consumer is looking for in a bunch of similar or different products. When choosing a package, keep in mind that the package tells the story of your product.