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5 Reasons You Should Start Birdwatching in 2024

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Birdwatching is a hobby that consists of both – bird watching and listening to sounds produced by birds. This is a very popular hobby in Europe and North America, though its presence is gradually expanding to other areas of the world. And why to engage in bird watching? We hope to give you some good reasons for this.

Bird Watching

Being a bird watcher can be very relaxing, especially if you are a true nature lover. Birds can be observed with the naked eye – though binoculars are commonly used. Some bird watchers even make audio and video recordings of their observations. Millions of birdwatchers around the world travel in search of preserved habitats and places – with a large number of bird species and their individuals.

They are a powerful organized movement of ecotourists – who in many developing countries significantly assist and encourage the sustainable development of local communities and the protection of nature and birds. Since the protection of nature in the world is still under-promoted – organizing bird watching in protected areas of nature is imposed as a reasonable solution to fill this gap.

Sustainable Tourism

Unlike other unsustainable forms of tourism – bird watching allows unlimited use of resources. This is not a massive form of tourism – but belongs to special interests (niches) that tourism development strategies recommend. Tourists who come in search of birds do that throughout the year. The arrival of such tourists in localities where there is generally no developed tourism – raises awareness among the local population about the values that surround them.

This chain reaction evokes a sense of pride – and then the need to preserve and protect those values. Promoting “newly discovered” values can create a better image of a locality or region. In addition to the undoubted ecological, biological, ethnological, cultural, ethical and aesthetic value of birds – the economic reasons for the protection of species and their habitats are also clear.

Why Become A Birdwatcher – 5 Reasons

You may have heard that bird watching can be fun but you are still wondering about why you would choose this hobby. If you are a nature lover, then you probably want to start some new activity as soon as possible. This may be the right thing for you. We will give you 5 reasons why this hobby is the right thing for you. There are also some helpful tips on how to enjoy this hobby, be safe and considerate when it comes to birds and wildlife.

1. Enjoying In Nature

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This is certainly one of the most important reasons to become involved in this hobby. If you are a true nature lover, then birdwatching can only please you. In peace, you will be able to observe these creatures – without disturbing their lifestyles and habits. Not to mention the cool wardrobe. For every activity, you need a suitable wardrobe, in which case bird watching is no exception. Choose some dark colours that will help you camouflage – so that birds you are watching do not see you approach them. Then you will probably feel the excitement and will enjoy this hobby as most birdwatchers do.

2. You Can Use Cool Equipment

No good bird watcher leaves home without the key things in his bag. These are binoculars, a pen and a notebook for recording bird species – and a guide for bird recognition. When it comes to choosing binoculars – beginners often ask which binoculars are recommended. The choice will be influenced by the proverbial thickness of your wallet. Prices for these toys range from $ 50-100, up to $ 1,000 and more.

If you are not sure which binoculars to choose – look at the reviews and prices on specialized sites like TargetFrog. Then it will be much clearer to you what kind of binoculars would best suit your needs. You can also install one of the free bird recognition apps on your mobile phone – or you can bring a camera. However, if you do – do not forget to turn off the flash. And of course, don’t forget to bring a drink and a snack – as bird watching can take a while.

3. You Can Travel To Different Places In Search Of Birds

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This is one of the best reasons to indulge in this hobby. This is not the classic type of tourism that most of us are used to. However, for all adventurers and nature lovers – this is one of the most important reasons for engaging in birdwatching. While travelling to different places around the world – you will not only see the diverse flora and fauna. You will also meet many people and see different cultures.

Not to mention so many different species of birds that hide in some of the most beautiful places in the world. Also, in places like this you can take some of the most beautiful photos for your album – and proudly show them to your friends. What more can you wish for?

4. Birdwatchers Think About Well-Being Of Birds

Though you will probably have so much fun while watching birds – always keep in mind the safety and well-being of these creatures. Fear in birds causes great stress – and interferes with their diet, rearing young and resting. So, walk slowly and be quiet, talk in silence, and turn off your mobile phone. And, the most important thing – do not get too close to the birds. That is why binoculars are used for! All you have to do is to find some good spot, be patient – and wait for the birds to approach you. Birds are much more interesting to watch as they are calm than to fly in panic.

5. You Can Be An Inspiration To Others

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When you are outside wearing your equipment or a cool wardrobe – passers-by will probably be curious about what’s it all about. This can be a good opportunity to become a promoter of this fantastic hobby. Try to show enough patience and take some time to describe your hobby to people.

Try to share the experience by talking about your adventures and some most interesting observations with them. You can become a true inspiration for other people to join and become bird watchers themselves. Also, you’re ought to be friendly and kind to your bird-watching colleagues. Do not forget they usually have more experience than you, and you can benefit from that.