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Cultivation and selling marijuana in California: Legal or not?


Given the prejudices that society has generated around the use of marijuana, the State of California has opened a space in its legislation for medicinal consumption. However, finding where to buy it may be simpler than it seems, check seedsman. Next, we will talk about the process of growing and selling cannabis in California and the legal restrictions in this regard.

Cannabis cultivation in California

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Cultivation and producing marijuana is a widespread practice worldwide, whether for legal marketing or drug trafficking. However, in several countries and some states within the United States, with some restrictions.

To start the cultivation process, several factors must be taken into account, especially the seed to be used. Ideally, feminized auto-flowering seeds should be used. The main reason is that having a male plant alone can be a problem for the production of other crops. Therefore, a feminized seed gives a high probability of obtaining female plants.

Why use feminized auto-flowering seeds

A feminized auto-flowering seed is ideal for those novice cannabis growers since they can dispose of the crop in a shorter time. Also, they have a shorter life cycle and are at a lower risk of being infested with pests, reducing the likelihood of having a strong crop problem.

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Unlike feminized seeds only, auto-flowering seeds do not require special care regarding light exposure to flourish. Therefore, we will have a female plant that will begin to bloom on the 18th day of planting. In no more than 4 months, the marijuana plant will have already fully bloomed.

How weed plants reproduce

Eventually, the presence of a male marijuana plant will be required for the female flower to be pollinated. The flowers of the female plant contain a group of pistils, through which the pollen grain provided by the male slides until it reaches the ovule. When fertilization is successful, the pistils change color to a brown hue and the seed is formed.

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After being fertilized, the female plant redirects all the nutrients it absorbs to seed production. Thus, it is possible to obtain new strong and viable seeds for the sale of them or the production of other marijuana crops. Once the seeds ripen and the flowers are full of them, the female plant dies. For its part, the male plant dies once it has dispersed all its pollen.

What do the laws say about growing and selling marijuana in California

According to the California Compassionate Use Act of 1996, the use of marijuana by Californians should only be for medical use when it is considered to be the proper use. This means that their recreational use is still illegal, therefore certain provisions regarding the cultivation and sale of cannabis in California must be taken:

  • Only a medical marijuana user, or their primary caregiver, can grow, harvest or process it. Otherwise, it is considered a felony that is sentenced from 16 to 36 months in jail (Health and Safety Code 11358 HS).
  • The sale is prohibited regardless of quantity or type (California Health and Safety Code 11359 SA). However, if it is a patient who consumes medical marijuana or their primary caregiver, they can transport, transfer and even import cannabis into the state of California.
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It should be noted that to be a qualified patient for the use of medical marijuana, you must have at least one of the following conditions or diseases, to opt for a patient identification card or a prescription written by a doctor:

• Cancer
• Anorexia.
• Chronic pain.
• Spasticity.
• Arthritis.
• Migraine.