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Rowdy crowds flood SF streets following Giants World Series win

By Beat News Service November 1, 2010 7 Comments Print Share

(Videos Courtesy of Jonny Arguello)

09:45 PDT UPDATE: San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom told KTVU this morning that police arrested 6 people following the celebrations. Newsom told Channel 2 that the vast majority of fans celebrated peacefully.

In the Mission District, there was scattered damage including broken windows at several businesses after police had to call in dozens of officers to contain a rowdy celebration. A 14-Mission MUNI bus was commandeered by the crowd and vandalized near the 16th Street/ Mission BART station.

Police have not reported anyone suffering any major injuries because of the celebration.

00:50 PDT UPDATE: Police appeared the gain the upper hand on controlling massive crowds that celebrated the Giants victory throughout San Francisco early Tuesday morning. There was one remaining large crowd at 3rd and King Sts. in the South of Market Area that officers were trying to disperse.

Many streets throughout the city, including intersections in the Mission, SOMA, the Marina, the Castro and Polk St, were littered with toilet paper and other debris from celebrations. Workers from the Department of Public Works were dispatched to clean the litter before the morning commute.

Mutual aid from law enforcement agencies in San Mateo and Marin Counties were providing assistance to San Francisco Police early Tuesday morning.

NOV. 1 00:11 PDT UPDATE: San Francisco Police riot squads were still positioned throughout the Mission District to maintain order after unruly Giants fans turned a World Series championship violent. A large group of fans was still reported at 16th and Valencia Sts. where firefighters and police reported glass bottles being thrown at them.

The other large crowd of fans was reported around AT&T Park and the South of Market Area where there was intermittent bottle throwing at officers at that location, according to emergency radio traffic.

23:38 PDT UPDATE: A San Francisco MUNI trolley bus was vandalized by unruly crowds on Mission Street. This photograph shows an individual allegedly attempting to light the bus on fire. Police have controlled large crowds on Mission Street after a citywide response brought additional officers to contain the fans.

Vandalism was reported at the San Francisco Giants Dugout store and the Borders Bookstore near AT&T Park on King St, according to radio traffic.

23:13 PDT UPDATE: The San Francisco Police Dept. has issued a citywide call for police officers to respond to the intersection of Mission and 22st Sts. where rowdy fans have begun to vandalize businesses, automobiles and at least one MUNI bus. Police have estimated the crowd at 200 to 300 people. Several police riot squads are being called to quell the civil unrest.

(11/1) — 22:22 PDT — SAN FRANCISCO — Police were attempting to quell several large street celebrations Monday night after the San Francisco Giants beat the Texas Rangers 3-1 to win the 2010 World Series championship in Arlington, Texas.

The largest gatherings were reported near AT&T Park and in the Mission District where thousands of Giants fans descended onto city streets to celebrate the historic victory.

The celebrations delayed MUNI transit service throughout the city and caused long traffic delays for motorists travelling through gridlocked portions of the city.

  • At AT&T Park, large crowds estimated in the thousands, poured into the roadway along the Embarcadero and forced the temporary closure of the northbound King St. off-ramp to Highway 280. Large numbers of fans were also reported on surrounding streets.
  • In the Mission District, police officers from the SFPD Mission Station struggled to keep crowds from staying on sidewalks at 22nd and Mission Sts. At one point, fans began dancing on top of a San Francisco Fire engine that was responding to a fire call at the intersection.
  • At 5th and Market, a crowd of at least 400 people blocked the intersection and moved towards Mission St., bringing traffic to a standstill at the intersection. A crowd at 7th and Market Sts. brought MUNI service to a stop after fans were seen dancing on top of stopped buses.
  • In the Castro District, the intersection of 18th and Castro was temporarily blocked by celebrating fans but was later reopened.
  • At 19th Ave. and Irving St. and on Polk St, fans also caused minor traffic delays after a large celebration wound up in the middle of the intersection.
  • There were also reports of street closures on Haight St. and Chestnut St. because of large crowds.

Several small spot fires were also started by the crowds, including a tree that was lit on fire near AT&T Park. There were also several reports of vandalism to Mission District businesses and several parked cars along Mission and Valencia Sts.


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  • TxBrunetteLuvsRangers said:

    Stupid idiot Californians. There aren’t even really any Giants fans…they just stepped out of their homes to see themselves on TV and try to set their own city on fire. Smart. Real f’n smart. (rolling eyes).

  • StupidTxBrunetteWhore said:

    Stupid idiot Texans. Putting comments on websites to show how jealous and butthurt you are about losing. In the words of Spongebob, “Texas people are dumb.”

  • Tim said:

    I don’t think you can sound anymore jealous than you already do TxBrunetteLuvsRangers.

  • f*kkdahaterzGOGIANTZ said:

    yu kant party like uz!! WOOOOOOOH!!


  • Stupid Californian said:

    Totally. Before California existed there were never any riots anywhere. I’d like to go back to those days!

  • Bay Bombshell said:

    HA HA sore losers from texas …i guess texas can’t take being beat by a bunch of pot smoking left wing liberals….face it your team wasn’t on our level and neither is your state, thats why San Francisco is revered as one of the most beutiful cities in the world and texas is just the armpit of America.

  • Reality said:

    I live in San Francisco and it is definitely not one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It’s dirty as fuck. As for the celebration, there’s nothing wrong with having pride in your team. Regardless, celebrating your city’s victory by trashing and burning your city is moronic to say the least.